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Corrosion protection

No matter how new or old your car is, the one common factor they all have is if they are left unprotected they are prone to rust & corrosion. Our comprehensive rust protection treatments continue to extend the longevity & safety of your vehicle, by protecting metal surfaces from salt and moisture.

Our treatment centres use the specially designed and patented DINITROL® tools to apply coating where your vehicle needs it most. This includes all of the hidden areas and cavities that other treatment providers might miss. This means your vehicle has the best possible protection from rust.

Corrosion protection vehicle rustproofing, underbody chassis rust prevention, vehicle cavity wax injection penetrating with DINITROL Spray diagram at UK treatment centres

After having your vehicle treated for corrosion protection, we would recommend bringing your vehicle back to your nearest DINITROL® treatment centre for a yearly re-treatment service. This ensures that your corrosion protection is maintained with the latest, most effective products and services – making sure that your vehicle is in great condition, year after year.

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