High Heat 208 Litre Barrel Heating Jacket


The 208 Litre drum heating jacket provides a boost in power for applications needing a faster heat-rate up to approximately 60-70°C. The heating jacket also has a black nylon fabric for the outer layer and high-temperature silicone-coated glass-cloth inner layer. Also the product benefits from increased insulation due to the stitch bonded glass fibre mat. (1 x 208 Litre Barrel Heating Jacket supplied)

Product Specification:

  • Supply: 110 or 240v (see options)
  • Power: 1100 watt
  • Thermostat: 0-90ºc (-5 to +40ºc available)
  • Heating Jacket dimensions: 1800 – 1950 mm (adjustable circumference)
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  • High-grade thermal insulation to reduce heat-loss and increase efficiency whilst providing protection for the operator.
  • Fitted with adjustable retaining straps and quick release buckle clips.
  • Integrated fully adjustable thermostats.
  • 240volt or 110volt version available.
  • Deliver an even heat over a large surface area, minimising the possibilities of damaging the product.
  • Fit and forget – no regular maintenance required.
  • Safe to use 24 hours a day.

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