Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vac


Kärcher WV5 Premium Window Vac

At Kärcher, we believe that having the right tools for the job is essential and when it comes to cleaning your home and there’s no substitute for the Kärcher WV5 window vac. The WV5 builds on Kärcher’s original window vac design, promising you great looking, streak-free windows with the greatest of ease. Not just for window cleaning, this versatile tool works on any flat surface and is ideal for tackling all kinds of cleaning jobs around the home, like cleaning shower screens and tiles. It also leaves mirrors sparkling clean, and even sucks up liquid spills from floors and worktops. The Kärcher WV5 Premium can clean effectively across the whole house in just one battery charge, and you can even buy a spare battery to charge up for uninterrupted cleaning. This package includes a narrow cleaning head, spray bottle, microfiber cloth and detergent.

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