Premium Personal Protection Kit 1


Premium Personal Protection Work Wear Kit Bundle

Our professional personal protection work wear bundle is great value and provides every you require when conducting vehicle rustproofing product application treatments or when repairing a vehicle with DINITROL body repair solutions.

Kit contents

  • 1 x Twin Respirator Mask with A1, B1, P2 Cartridges
  • 1 x Dupont classic Tyvek overalls
  • 1 x Clear safety protective spectacles
  • 1 x Pair of green nitrile flock lined synthetic rubber gloves

Please note: When placing your order please select your size of gloves and overalls from the options below.

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Twin Respirator Mask

Maintenance free dual cartridge respirator
The respirator helps to protect against certain airborne contaminants and is supplied with an exclusive hygienic form guard. This respirator is approved for protection against organic gases and vapours with a boiling point higher than 65° C to 10x OEL or 5000 ppm, whichever is lower, and for solid and liquid based aerosols to 10x OEL for the specific substance. The item is supplied with A1,B1 & P2 Cartridges.

Safety Spectacles

Low cost clear protective spectacles
The general eyewear safety spectacles provide low cost comfortable protection. The lightweight spectacles can be worn on their own or as protection for prescription spectacles. The product has been extensively tested and are made with a tough construction whilst providing excellent all-round visibility.

Green Flocked Lined Synthetic Nitrile Rubber Gloves

The nitrile gloves provide excellent protection and offer very good abrasion and puncture resistance including protection against a wide range of chemicals, strong detergents, oils and certain solvents. Also the non-slip diamond pattern on the palm of the glove enhances grip in both wet and dry conditions. The soft cotton flock lining eases wear and removal, whilst absorbing perspiration to keep hands cool and comfortable. The synthetic rubber is free of latex, eliminating allergies for sensitive skin. For hygiene purposes the gloves contain a fungicidal and bacteriostatic agent to protect the wearer and help keep the gloves in a good condition for longer.

TYVEK® Classic Xpert Overall

Cat. III Protection Level by DU PONT®
The overall provides superior type 5/6 protection along with particle protection down to 1.0 micron. The clothing is tough, robust and abrasion resistant whilst being breathable. With exceptional low linting and antistatic treatment the overall allows for greater ease of movement.

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