Vehicle Spray Diagram Chart


DINITROL spray diagrams for your specific vehicle manufacturer model

The spray diagrams have been created by specialist technicians who inspect vehicles to document the most effective methods for applying underbody chassis coatings, cavity wax and rust treatments. By following the spray diagram step by step instructions you can apply the cavity wax treatment safely without damaging safety sensors. The spray diagrams also clearly document the access points around the vehicle for injecting the cavity wax product coating.

1 x printed A4 Spray diagram will be supplied that is specific to your vehicle manufacturer models details supplied. Please note we can only send out Spray Diagrams to UK residents including the Republic of Ireland.

If you require a DINITROL spray diagram it must be purchased with an official DINITROL Rustproofing Kit listed on this site. When choosing the correct DINITROL Rustproofing Kit size for your vehicle the spray diagram is an optional extra costing £19.99

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