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DINITROL®Corrosion Protection, Rust Treatment, Windscreen Replacement, Body Repair, Bonding & Sealing products

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DINITROL® Vehicle Rustproofing Solutions

DINITROL® Treatment Centres
Prevent your Car, Classic Car, 4x4 off road, LandRover, Van, Bus, Coach or Commercial HGV vehicles from rusting with our corrosion protection treatment applications.

Visit a local DINITROL® Treatment Centre who will professionally inspect the vehicle for corrosion and provide appropriate rustproofing treatment services.
D.I.Y. Rustproofing Kit Bundles
The DINITROL® vehicle rustproofing kit bundles are perfect for corrosion protecting any vehicle from rust. We have an aerosol range for convenience and a 1 Litre schutz can range that can be professionally applied with an underbody coating gun.

The kits available are suitable for all classic cars and 4x4 off road vehicles including: Mini, Ford, Audi, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda & Jaguar cars.

OEM approved vehicle & industrial corrosion protection & rust treatment products

DINITROL® is one of the leading worldwide operating suppliers of systems for bonding, sealing noise reduction, abrasion protection, corrosion prevention, other coatings and application equipment. High quality customised products have helped the brand to develop a very strong market position globally.

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DINITROL® rust treaments & corrosion protection OEM approved products are commonly used for rust proofing automotive vehicles including: cars, buses & trucks, salt spreading vehicles, 4x4 off road vehicles, agricultural vehicles, classic cars, construction vehicles, aviation, government & defence and railway industry sector rolling stock. We are the official DINITROL® UK import hub and the extensive vehicle corrosion protection, rust convertors and rust treatment products can be purchased across the UK via our many authorised online sellers, retail stockists and stockists. Our appointed DINITROL® Treatment Centres across the UK can provide sound deadening, rust proofing, vehicle rust treatments and underbody chassis corrosion protection coatings. Throughout the automotive aftermarket the DINITROL® corrosion protection product range has an established reputation with passenger car, off-road vehicle and commercial fleet vehicle owners. Implementing a corrosion protection scheduled treatment plan with your vehicle fleet can help in avoiding large repair maintenance bills whilst increasing the vehicles working life. Automotive underbody chassis coatings provide an anti-corrosion barrier against stone chips with excellent sound deadening properties. Our DINITROL® range of rust convertors are commonly used in vehicle rust treatment plans and assist in converting rust found on substrates into a more stable organic iron complex to prevent further corrosion occurring. DINITROL® cavity waxes can also be applied to all closed vehicle cavities including doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices with an underbody gun incorpating a lance extension. Certain cavity waxes within the DINITROL® product range can also be applied to protect engine compartment areas whilst easily withstanding extreme temperatures. Also if your starting a classic car restoration project our extensive range of corroision protection, rust treatment and rust proofing products are perfect for restoring any classic vehicle.
DINITROL® Corrosion Protection Products
Along with the established range of DINITROL® Vehicle corrosion protection products incorporating automotive rust treatment and rust proofing solutions most people are unaware of extensive full collection of OEM approved professional products. The DINITROL® windscreen replacement direct glazing adhesives are ideal for fitting automotive glass when used in conjunction with our activators and adhesion promoters. The DINITROL® 9100 Direct glazing cold polyurethane adhesive provides a 30 minute safe drive away once applied for customer convenience. Along with corrosion protection solutions the DINITROL® range also includes many vehicle body repair fillers including DINITROL ALUSOFT 2K 6030 Aluminum filler and DINITROL 6085 a glass-fibre reinforced 2-component polyester filler. The DINITROL MICRO-FINE 6020 that enables a risk-free and fast application process whilst working with many types of substrates found in the vehicle industry.

The extensive range of official DINITROL® equipment and tools are perfect for professional product application. Many of the OEM approved automotive products can be applied with the many applicator guns, foilwrap and cartridge tools displayed on this website from an authorised retail stockist or online seller. Within the equipment range we also sell DINITROL® spray application tools, pumps, spray guns and accessories to ensure your rust proofing coating provides the ultimate corrosion protection.

If you don't wish to conduct the product application you can contact a UK DINITROL® Treatment Centre with a certificate being issued on completion for peace of mind. All treatments applied in any of our DINITROL® Treatment Centres are also checked by ourselves the offical UK DINITROL® operator. Find a local DINITROL® Treatment Centre. Search our full directory listing of vehicle rustproofing treatment service providers.
OEM Approved Automotive Product Ranges
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