Leaking Car Sunroof

Leaking Car Sunroof Are you suffering from a leaking car sunroof? It can quickly become a big problem with substantial damage caused to the cabin interior with damp seats that can start smelling musty. Please read our guide below on how you can fix a leaking car sunroof. Leaking car sunroof drain tubes blocked The [...]

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Checking for vehicle rust

Checking for vehicle rust Regular inspections of your car checking for vehicle rust will allow you to identify any corrosion damage before it starts to spread causing expensive body work repairs. In order to inspect your vehicle for rust we recommend opening all the doors, bonnet and boot lid. Usually the earliest signs of rust [...]

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MAZDA MX 5 Rustproofing

MAZDA MX 5 Rustproofing Their is no doubt the MAZDA MX 5 is a classic roadster. DINITROL MAZDA MX-5 Rustproofing kits are ideal for corrosion protecting your car. Launched in 1989 the lightweight two seater rear wheel drive front engine car quickly became a big seller with over 40,000 models sold between 1989 to 1997. [...]

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MINI Car Restoration Rustproofing

MINI Car Restoration Rustproofing The MINI has recently been voted the best ever British car beating the Jaguar E-Type, Land rover Defender and iconic Aston Martin DB5 famously driven by James Bond. The iconic car was released in 1959 by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) and incorporated a space reducing transverse engine front wheel drive [...]

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