How to remove rust

How to remove rust We are often asked by many customers the question how to remove rust? You will find many guides online with various D.I.Y. solutions. Including dusting baking soda into the damp areas of the surface rust, then after soaking scouring away the rusted corrosion with a metal brush or wire wool until [...]

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Stone Chip Paint

Stone Chip Paint Are you protecting your vehicle chassis with a suitable stone chip paint product coating solution? With the UK highway network continuing to crumble and local councils not repairing roads due to a lack of funds. Deteriorating roads are leaving many vehicle owners with costly suspension damage caused by the increasingly more common [...]

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Rust Treatment

Rust Treatment With vehicles, metal objects or surfaces it’s important that any signs of corrosion are identified early and a suitable rust treatment applied to prevent further rusting. With DINITROL RC800 or RC900 products, the rust treatment can be applied directly to the surface and will convert evident rust on corroded ferrous substrates into a [...]

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Rust Remover

Rust Remover Do you want to know how to remove rust? If you are currently starting a new classic car restoration project or conducting ongoing maintenance with older cars, for example, it’s very likely you’ll require a suitable rust remover product. Whilst searching the internet you’ll find many rust remover solutions that utilise common products [...]

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