DINITROL 4×4 Rustproofing Kit 1 Litre2017-10-25T14:17:33+00:00
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  • DINITROL® 4×4 Rustproofing Kit 1 Litre Schutz Cans


    This DINITROL® 4×4 Rustproofing 1 Litre canister kit is ideal for new 4×4 vehicles and older vehicles including Land Rover where there are signs of corrosion, that need to be treated which are driven in normal circumstances and roads (not off road). The kit is designed for those who have access to a compressor or air supply.

    Kit Contents:
    5 x DINITROL® 1000 Clear Cavity wax 1 Litre Cans
    10 x DINITROL® 4941 Black underbody 1 Litre Cans
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