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Have you got what it takes to become the UK's 1st endorsed DINITROL® Treatment Centre?

Watch the video below. The reason DINITROL® do NOT currently endorse any treatment centre providers within the UK, is due to no operators being able to replicate the high standards of treatment application services provided by Scandinavian DINITROL® rustproofing centres.

Are you a traditional car garage, service station, body repair shop, commercial vehicle garage, fleet leasing operator or vehicle dealership looking for additional revenue to increase profitability?
Become a DINITROL affiliated treatment centre for commerical vehicles, cars, 4x4 off road vehicles and classic cars with corrosion protection, rust treatments and rust proofing coatings

Join the NEW authorised DINITROL® UK network of treatment centres

Become a DINITROL retail stockist selling specialist professional OEM approved aftermarket and industrial corrosion protection, auto windscreen adhesives, car repair and bonding/sealant application solutions.

If you are we have the fantastic business opportunity with no franchise, licensing or setup fees. All you need is a suitable vehicle lifting ramp and spraying equipment. To apply the many rusting proofing, cavity waxes and sound deadening products that are available within the extensive OEM approved DINITROL® vehicle corrosion protection range. Vehicle underbody rust proofing services have been common practice throughout Europe with a vehicle receiving a new treatment within every 2 to 4 years with inspection intervals in-between to ensure the coating is still fully intact and providing protection for the vehicle mainly around the underbody chassis area.

2 common factors have seen incredible growth with rustproofing in the UK during recent years

Become a DINITROL retail stockist selling specialist professional OEM approved aftermarket and industrial corrosion protection, auto windscreen adhesives, car repair and bonding/sealant application solutions.
Commercial fleet vehicle owners and leasing companies of vans and HGV truck lorries are implementing corrosion protection treatment plans for cost effective vehicle maintenance

1. The UK recession and financial meltdown

Since the recession occurred in 2009 many commercial fleet operators of trucks and vans including lease operators have reduced their spend on new vehicles substantially. To minimise their financial business risk outlay investment in these recent testing economic times. Many fleet managers and owners are now proactively implementing scheduled corrosion protection plans. To ensure their vehicles remain fully operational for longer periods of time to minimise business transportation disruptions whilst increasing the vehicles working life due to anti corrosion protection rust proofing coatings being applied. The DINITROL® corrosion protection range provides a one stop solution comprehensive service solution to commercial vehicle operators.

Vehicle corrosion protection coatings ideal for british harsh winter environments and prevent rusting from surface road water with vehicle rustproofing coatings

2. Harsher winters and increased flood risks in the UK

During recent years within the UK we have seen a substantial increase with flooding that has covered entire small towns in extreme cases. However with our current drainage systems not coping with the heavy rain downpours and lack of spending by local authorities. No significant improvements have been made to the national network of drainage sewers and many new housing development areas have been built on previously known flood planes. It’s also become common place that large area of roads become slightly submerged with surface rain water and this spray generated from driving through the puddles. With this factor the spray can quickly cause your vehicle underbody chassis to corrode with rusting becoming evident. Due to this reason many vehicle owners especially in rural areas have started to have their vehicle underbody protected with DINITROL® corrosion protections to prevent rusting.

Become a DINITROL® Treatment Centre and start vehicle rustproofing today

Become a DINITROL retail stockist selling specialist professional OEM approved aftermarket and industrial corrosion protection, auto windscreen adhesives, car repair and bonding/sealant application solutions.
Who's a typical DINITROL affiliate treatment centre customer? Usually commercial fleet operators and owners along private car, classic car, 4x4 off road and agricultural rural area vehicle owners

Who’s a typical customer and how much money can I charge?

The average cost for a car being treated starts from around £450 for an underbody rustproofing coating treatment to be applied. Typically many types of vehicle owners are interested In this service from classic car, private car, 4x4 off road SUV, commercial HGV, vans, buses, coaches, agricultural, construction fleet owners and vehicle leasing companies. The advanced corrosion protection coatings are even applied to military, salt spreaders and aviation air-side vehicles due to their renown corrosion protection qualities and ability to prevent rusting in the harshest environmental conditions. Many taxi operators also invest in rust proofing their vehicles to avoid loss of earnings when the taxi vehicle is not operationl due to requiring body repairs caused by rusting.

classic car restoration projects, rust prevention and rust convertors for repair. Classic underbody chassis coatings, cavity waxes DINITROL treatment centres

Established business for classic Car restoration

Many car enthusiasts across the UK are familiar with the excellent established global reputation of DINITROL® corrosion protection and body repair product solutions. Due to this reason many classic car owners and enthusiasts frequently have their classic cars restored or repaired with DINITROL® OEM approved products. The rust convertors within the range and cavity waxes are usually applied along with any body repairs conducted before the underbody coating is sprayed to ensure the vehicle is fully protected. This provides the customer with peace of mind and ensures their classic car investment is well maintained and protected from corrosion.

Become an affiliated DINITROL Treatment centre providing a rust proofing service to commercial vehicles, 4x4 off road vehicles, cars, vans and salt spreaders. No special training required

Do I need any special licenses or training.

With regards to applying the products we have many low VOC or VOC free coatings in the range if you are restricted in anyway by legislation in applying solvent based substances at your business premises. Our DINITROL® technical application team can also work with your business to provide product information and application knowledge to ensure you can start offering a comprehensive rustproofing service quickly. We also have many product application video tutorials and documentation literature including technical data sheets, spraying diagrams and material safety data sheets with our DINITROL® technical application team always available to provide support and advice. We can also help with marketing via our dedicated in-house team if you wish to generate awareness and promote the services in your surrounding local area.

other products in the extensive automotive OEM approved range include auto windscreen direct glazing products and vehicle body repair solutions to compliment the corrosion protection range

Extensive range including windscreen & vehicle body repair products

With the extensive DINITROL® range you are not limited to only providing a vehicle corrosion protection service. The current DINITROL® range also includes many auto windscreen direct glazing sealants, adhesives and activator products. Allowing you to offer the service provided you have undergone specialist windscreen fitting training courses and passed all the relevant legal recognised qualifications required to operate. Within the range you will also find a high quality collection of vehicle body repair products that are OEM approved and professional quality. If you are currently not a vehicle body shop but looking into providing minor body repairs you may also be interested in our partner company MPEX® Direct who provide a custom mixed range of MPEX® touch up paints. The paint is matched to each vehicles unique colour code details then supplied in a convenient Holts custom filled aerosol fitted incirporating the specialised Danvern valve for a controlled spray application.

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If you would like more information on this exciting business opportunity that’s unrivalled in the UK with no franchise or licensing fee’s and a very low initial setup cost for equipment please enquire today in strict confidentially. If you are looking for new revenue streams or merely to increase turnover and profitability of your automotive business don't miss out on this fast growing service throughout the UK.

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