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Agricultural Vehicles

Farm vehicle corrosion protection rust proofing treatments

Purchasing new agricultural equipment is expensive and a massive overhead for any farm business. With the DINITROL range of OEM approved automotive corrosion protection rust proofing treatments you can ensure your agricultural vehicle fleet and plant machinery is maintained whilst greatly extending their operational working life.

Automotive windscreen replacement and windscreen repair aftermarket products for direct glazing of vehicles including cars  
Automotive aftermarket corrosion protection and rust treatment with DINITROL cavity waxes can also be used in vehicle engine compartment and cars

Look after your agricultural vehicles with a regular scheduled rust proofing treatment plan.

On a daily basis agricultural vehicles are subjected to very corrosive conditions from surface ground water, slurry and general dirt including rotten organic matter commonly present in fields. Due to these factors we strongly recommend you incorporate a regular scheduled rust proofing treatment plan for all your agricultural vehicles and plant machinery. By regularly applying underbody coatings and treating any visible body corrosion with DINITROL rust convertors you can significantly increase the working life of your vehicles. Regular treatments also help you to avoid expensive repairs and provide you with peace of mind when farming the land in harsh weather conditions.

After market automotive vehicle car body repair products including fibre flass filler, soft filler, Aluminium Filler and micro fine body filler
DINTROL oem approved aftermarket automotive corrosion protection and rust treatments including underbody chassis coatings, cavity waxes and engine compartment protection 

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