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Audi Corrosion Protection

Audi Corrosion Protection

With a reputation for manufacturing the finest most reliable luxury cars around the world along rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW. Purchasing an older second hand Audi can be a wise choice providing prestige motoring at a fraction of the cost. This is largely due to the Audi Corrosion Protection technology incorporated during vehicle design and production line assembly techniques preventing rust. However, if you are looking to purchase an Audi classic car or more recent retro model you must thoroughly check the underbody chassis, luggage compartment, engine mount and around the door sills, wheel arches and foot-wells for any corrosion. If looking to purchase an Audi Classic Car they are renowned for not rusting due to being built with a galvanised vehicle body frame and panels and many more expensive models also incorporate aluminium. Even though galvanised steel is usually electroplated with a zinc coating to prevent corrosion you must check all older Audi cars very carefully inspecting all frame members and sections for any signs of rust that can be caused by rubbing arch liners or even number plates. During the early stages of rust, you can usually notice visible paint blisters on the surface around the Audi, that can be commonly found around the wheel arches, front wings, door sills and boot lid.

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Audi corrosion protection warranty guarantee

Even though Audi provides a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty don’t become complacent with this false sense of security. If the rust is deemed due to be caused by a paint defect on your Audi, any claims made for a repair would not be covered by the manufacturer’s perforation warranty. Due to this reason, all owners of Audi classic car or older second-hand models must regularly inspect the vehicle paintwork for defects usually caused by stone chips and bodywork scratches that can expose bare metal that will quickly corrode if untreated. You will not be able to repair rust by claiming via the Audi corrosion protection warranty if you or the previous owner have neglected the vehicle.

Audi corrosion protection with galvanising

The luxury German car manufacturer became the first mass-market vehicle producer to build 100% galvanised cars. To prevent corrosion, after witnessing the success of iconic sports car brand Porsche in implementing this revolutionary process in 1975. With the galvanised Audi vehicle body receiving an additional coating of zinc to prevent rust. The German automotive manufacturer increased their standard 10-year warranty against corrosion perforation to 12 years. This proactive approach to preventing rust has provided Audi with a global reputation for providing reliable well-built cars that retain their value in the second-hand market. Audi corrosion protection has meant the German automotive manufacturer gaining global recognition for producing vehicles with exceptional build quality.

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Aluminium Audi bodies don’t rust

Capitalising on their groundbreaking vehicle galvanising techniques to prevent rust, Audi continued to advance in this area with improvements by releasing the all aluminium A8 model in 1994 incorporating the ASF Audi Space Frame. The lightweight aluminium rust-proof ASD Audi Space Frame has also been used to produce the Audi TT and Audi A2 models, however, whilst providing great corrosion protection the frame can be very expensive to repair with a specialised body-shop required.

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Audi Corrosion Protection Rustproofing

With rust found on many older Audi A4 models noted online in forums, we recommend protecting the vehicle with an Audi corrosion protection DINITROL underbody chassis coating and DINITROL cavity wax injection into all crevices, sills, frames and box section for additional peace of mind. If purchasing a second hand Audi with high mileage the vehicle has probably been a company car and frequently subjected to highly corrosive road salt, whilst driving on UK motorways during the winter months. Also if looking to purchase an Audi classic car or older second-hand model don’t forget to check behind the wheel arch liners for any signs of rust caused by abrasive rubbing removing the protective paint layer coating or moisture becoming trapped from water ingress.

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Audi Corrosion Protection Treatments

To protect your Audi from rust, we recommend contacting a treatment provider listed on this website or purchasing a DINITROL D.I.Y Audi corrosion protection rustproofing kit to protect the vehicle. You will also have the opportunity to purchase an official DINITROL Audi spray diagram created specifically for your vehicle model to provide the ultimate protection when applying the corrosion prevention treatment coatings. If you require professional advice in relation to suitable Audi corrosion protection products please get in touch with our rustproofing technicians. To enhance the Audi Corrosion Protection provided by the manufacturer we recommended also applying DINITROL rustproofing products for peace of mind.

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