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Auto Restoration

Auto Restoration

Are you looking to start a new auto restoration project? Preserving our automotive heritage can be a very rewarding and challenging experience for both novice classic car enthusiast or auto restoration specialist, with many years experience gained working in a professional workshop. On DINITROL Direct you will find many specialist accessories, tools and consumables allowing you to complete your next auto restoration project. Along with many expert rust prevention treatment application guide technique video demonstrations providing tips based on experience to ensure you achieve the perfect finish.

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Auto Restoration

Embarking on an auto restoration project journey can be very timely due to the fact that on most occasions rare original parts or suitable replacement parts can be extremely difficult to source. With many trips to auto jumbles, specialist refurbished parts resellers across the UK or searching online to find a suitable seller incurred. With this extremely high level of commitment required to usually complete an auto restoration project by returning the car to it’s former glory. You also need to think about the long term preservation and maintenance by protecting the classic car with DINITROL rustproofing treatments. Providing your auto restoration classic car with a full comprehensive rust prevention treatment along with removing any existing corrosion with our DINITROL RC900 rust converter, ensures your countless hours of hard work and usually significant cash invested won’t be wasted.

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Auto Restoration Classic Car Judgement

Also if you are planning to enter your auto restoration project into shows did you a 100 point universal point scoring system is utilised? With street show condition cars usually achieving around 80-89 points. Usually show cars that have normally been restored by experienced professionals in the industry gaining between 90-95 points, when judged at classic car show events.

Auto Restoration Products

If you have a great passion for auto restoration and enjoy restoring classic cars to there former condition whilst taking into consideration the vehicles original features to ensure they are retained. DINITROL products are commonly used throughout the UK by skilled auto restoration professionals and mechanics within their workshop environment. When providing classic cars with a rust proofing corrosion protection treatment or replacing a windshield and interior fittings with our OEM approved bonding and sealing adhesive solutions. Within the DINITROL vehicle body repair range our Supersoft 6010 body filler is perfect for repairing dents within sheet metal or strip metal casing and can be applied to glass fibre substrates or to fix reinforced plastic surfaces. Another great product within the vehicle repair product range is DINITROL 6030 Alusoft, an incredible universal application aluminium body filler that also provides excellent corrosion protection within the treated area.

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Auto Restoration Rust Prevention

If you have just purchased a classic car or older neglected vehicle that is tipped to be a future retro classic car. We strongly recommend you visit a local DINITROL Treatment Centre by using the search tool finder on this website and contacting them to arrange a professional rust inspection. Or alternatively if you wish to apply the corrosion protection stages yourself we have a comprehensive range of specialist rust prevention products available for sale on this website.

Auto Restoration How to get rid of rust?

Once you have the vehicle striped down ready for inspection it’s imperative that any visible rust present is treated with a rust remover like DINITROL RC900 that converts the rust into safe organic iron complex to prevent further corrosion. Also many beginners starting a new auto restoration project fail to protect all the cavities and crevices around the vehicle due to being hidden from view. This can potentially be a very costly mistake with the classic car rusting from the inside and panel replacement especially with rare cars will see a significant rise in project expenditure. Due to this reason when working on a car restoration project we strongly recommend applying DINITROL ML into all cavity areas, box sections and crevices to prevent this problem occurring. The cavity wax can be applied your self with an undercoating gun, suitable air compressor and lance extension, with the product coating being highly penetrating it’s our recommended choice for older or classic car vehicles. Lastly don’t forget to steam clean the chassis and wheel arches you will need to apply a suitable rust remover before applying a comprehensive underseal like DINITROL 4941/Car to protect the underbody from water ingress and further corrosion occurring every couple of years. However, if you are looking to provide your auto restoration vehicle with a comprehensive rustproofing treatment our DINITROL Treatment Kit Bundles are excellent value and you can also purchase any additional add-ons including cans of DINITROL RC900 should they be required.

Classic Car & Restoration Show

If you are keen to embark on a classic car restoration, but feel you lack the skills, experience or knowledge to complete the project. We can recommend visiting the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show held at the Birmingham NEC during March. The yearly show attracts other 25,000 like minded enthusiasts and proud vehicle owners with many celebrity car restoration specialists from TV providing informative guest speaking sessions throughout the event on stage. Also with over 150 classic car clubs present at the event it’s the perfect opportunity to discuss your project with them and gain useful tips or advice from their members who have most likely completed a car restoration project similar to your proposed venture.

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