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DINITROL OEM approved products are used extensively during vehicle production and throughout the UK aftermarket
The comprehensive range of DINITROL automotive OEM approved products include corrosion protection coatings, bonding & sealing, direct glazing replacement and vehicle body repair system solutions. Many leading automotive manufacturers use DINITROL OEM approved products during production and to provide on-going service maintenance obligations. The products are still manufactured in Germany and it's estimated around 10 million vehicles worldwide are treated annually with DINITROL OEM approved corrosion protection applications.

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DINITROL UK works closely with many automotive manufacturing vehicle assembly production plants located throughout the UK, to provide innovative economical OEM approved product solutions. Our technical specialists can collaborate with your internal research and development department to solve existing problems and provide testing support before implementation.

We also work closely with suppliers to OEM plants and provide specialist expertise with protecting incoming parts from corrosion or when storing components on-site. We can also provide production line improvement recommendations by examining current process procedures within your organisation. DINITROL UK also provides product application support throughout the automotive vehicle aftermarket with body repair and direct glazing windscreen replacement applications.

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