Automotive Body Repair OEM Solutions

DINITROL OEM approved vehicle body repair products are used during production and throughout the UK automotive aftermarket
The OEM approved DINITROL vehicle body repair range system contains a wide range of professional products including cleaners, fillers, specialist paints, adhesives, thinners, lubricants and maintenance solutions. DINITROL products are used by many vehicle body accident repair shops throughout the UK.

OEM Approved Automotive Aftermarket Body Repair

DINITROL OEM approved body repair products including body fillers, putties, seam sealers, specialist lacquers and paints are used extensively throughout the vehicle aftermarket. The automotive body repair products are also used for bus, commercial vehicle, train and industrial applications.

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OEM approved DINITROL vehicle body repair product application information
Click on the Vehicle Body Repair diagram below to download a full diagram also containing the full product information available by clicking on the Toggles underneath.
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2. Control Spray
5. Silicone Remover
11. Plastic Repair
12. Brake Cleaner
14. Glass Cleaner

Specialist automotive OEM approved body repair product solutions

oem approved industrial and automotive aftermarket vehicle body repair products adhesives sealants fillers putty
Sealants (Sprayable / Spreadable)
Specialist polyurethane, MS polymer, STP polymer, butyl and PIB product solutions for use in automotive aftermarket, bus, truck, rail and industrial repairs.
oem approved railway industry sector automotive manufacturer fire retardant putty body filler construction product EN 45545, R1/R7, HL2
Fire retardant putty
Approved according to EN 45545, R1/R7, HL2. DINITROL 11003 IQ LW FR is easily sandable and ideal for all types of automotive vehicles include trains and buses.

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The versatile range of DINITROL OEM approved body fillers are ideal for repairing dents in automotive vehicle bodywork panels. Our specialist range of paints includes a heat-resistant solution containing pure aluminium pigments and an over paintable zinc spray. The range also includes hardeners containing isocyanate, specialist lacquers, clearcoat and lubricants that are ideal for protecting devices vulnerable to water.

Contact our vehicle body repair specialists who have gained extensive knowledge working within the vehicle manufacturing production and aftermarket sectors. At DINITROL UK we provide professional ongoing technical support, aftercare and product application solution advice.

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