Advanced corrosion protection for airport airside vehicles and aircraft

Keeping an airport fully operational 24/7 is a major undertaking to minimise passenger delays. Implementing a long term scheduled corrosion protection maintenance plan for your air-side vehicles can ensure the fleet remains fully operational especially in the winter months when the weather conditions can be very harsh. The OEM approved advanced coatings we develop and manufacture are tested to withstand the toughest weather conditions and for this reason are used by airport safety, ground handling, airport safety along with communication and airport infrastructure industries.

Automotive windscreen replacement and windscreen repair aftermarket products for direct glazing of vehicles including cars  
Automotive aftermarket corrosion protection and rust treatment with DINITROL cavity waxes can also be used in vehicle engine compartment and cars

Corrosion protection for air-side vehicles including emergency services, de-icers, salt spreaders and support trucks

Our advanced OEM approved products are commonly applied to runway maintenance vehicles, emergency vehicles, ground crew vehicles, aircraft push back tractors and airport de-icing vehicles. The extensive OEM approved DINITROL range of corrosion protection applications includes rust convertors, rust treatments, cavity waxes, sound deadening and heavy duty chassis coatings that temporally clear salt and acid resistant coatings. It’s also essential that any air-side aviation de-icing vehicles are applied with a protective coating due to them being extremely vulnerable to corrosion and rusting. Within the range we also have a wide range of rust treatments and rust convertor products that can assist in prolonging the vehicles working life with cyclic maintenance. DINITROL protective coatings are also applied to protect vital outdoor electronic installations including ILS & SSR Radar systems that are vital to operate a modern airport by monitoring air-traffic. Also due to the highly corrosive environment of salt water and the harsh conditions of the open salt our coatings can assist in protecting off-shore oil ring helicopters and emergency coast guard helicopters. Our anti-corrosion coatings are even pumped through the fuel tanks of passenger airline planes then removed to leave an anti-rusting coating.

After market automotive vehicle car body repair products including fibre flass filler, soft filler, Aluminium Filler and micro fine body filler
DINTROL oem approved aftermarket automotive corrosion protection and rust treatments including underbody chassis coatings, cavity waxes and engine compartment protection 

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