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Selling vehicle corrosion protection, rust treatments, windscreen replacement and body repair OEM approved product ranges.

DINITROL is an extensive range of specialist professional OEM approved aftermarket and industrial application solutions.

Start selling DINITROL an established global brand with a diverse range of product application solutions

Become a DINITROL retail stockist selling specialist professional OEM approved aftermarket and industrial corrosion protection, auto windscreen adhesives, car repair and bonding/sealant application solutions.

DINITROL® have been the leading car aftermarket corrosion prevention and body repair supplier for around 70 years and a recognised manufacturer and stockist of polyurethane adhesives for more than 20 years. DINITROL® is one of the leading worldwide operating suppliers of systems for bonding, sealing noise reduction, abrasion protection, corrosion prevention, other coatings and application equipment. However the range is currently not established in the UK compared with the product’s popularity across Europe. This provides unlimited opportunities for rapid substantial growth in the retail and distribution sectors across the UK.

Become part of the DINITROL UK network selling automotive aftermarket and commercial vehicle underbody chassis coatings for corrosion prevention and auto windscreen adhesives
Become part of the UK network
B.I.G. Group (International) Ltd are the sole authorised UK Import hub for DINITROL® products throughout the United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland. We will be launching a new website and are currently seeking strategically located distribution partners to sell the DINITROL® range into retail outlets in your current territory regions. We are also investing heavily into marketing and advertising to increase awareness of this established market leading brand in the UK. Also with our fast dedicated central distribution hub based in Warrington you won’t need to spend a lot of money upfront on purchasing large quantities of stock.
Establised product range for corrosion prevention, vehicle glass bonding, structural bonding and sealing, vehicle body repair &sound and vibration damping in the automotive aftermarket sector
Established product range
The extensive range of innovative DINITROL® products including: corrosion prevention, vehicle glass bonding, structural bonding and sealing, vehicle body repair & sound and vibration damping are currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The DINITROL® brand is accredited globally with producing intelligent and economical OEM approved systems for bonding, sealing, noise reduction, abrasion protection and corrosion prevention products. The brand is also established in the aftermarket sector due to the products high quality and innovative characteristics. With the most effective and up-to-date solutions, DINITROL® provide products for a diverse range of applications.
Supporting our DINITROL retail stockists with product guides and marketing. Start selling OEM approved vehicle corrosion protection and auto glass windscreen replacement products in the car automotive aftermarket, Underbody chassis coatings
Supporting our retail stockists
We are proud to help our retail stockists in selling and marketing the product range. The new website also provides product guides including videos and technical information to ensure your customers receive excellent product support. With the increased brand exposure we are sure your profits will increase substantially. You can also promote your business and provide you with a FREE page in the official authorised stockists section of the website to maximise sales in your surrounding local areas.
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