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BMW Corrosion Protection

BMW Corrosion Protection

Now one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world renowned for quality, reliability and precision engineering with luxury refinement and BMW Corrosion Protection, the German automotive organisation has a very colourful history. With the company forming in 1916 by three manufacturing companies merging to form Bayerische Motoren Werke. The BMW we are familiar with today would not start to manufacture cars until 1929. This was primarily due to BMW concentrating on innovative aircraft engine and motorcycle production mainly to support Germany’s war effort under the leadership of founder member Franz Josef Popp.

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After the second world war, BMW would survive primarily by manufacturing bicycles, pots and pans until motorcycle production was eventually restarted in 1948. The post-war years would be tough for BMW due to losing their Eisenach factory located in the Soviet-occupied zone. However, with the BMW logo trademark originally designed to resemble the Bavarian flag, the German automotive manufacturer would resume producing cars in Bavaria during 1952.

The BMW 501 luxury car model manufactured at the new Bavaria production plant provided poor sales and very little profit, leading to the board of directors seriously considering selling the business to Daimler-Benz. Luckily Herbert Quandt proceeded to take a controlling interest with substantial investment based on his vision to create the modern BMW global automotive manufacturing organisation we are familiar with today. It’s also reassuring to know that all new vehicles leaving the factory, receive a comprehensive BMW corrosion protection treatment.

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BMW Corrosion Protection Process

To provide their cars with the ultimate BMW corrosion protection possible, they immerse all-new body frames into a manganese, nickel, phosphate zinc bath before being removed to provide a protective coating layer. During the next stage, BMW applies a specialist technologically innovative E-coat by electrically charging the body, ensuring every nanometre of the surface is covered at a sub-atomic level. Once the E-coat has fully dried, technologically advanced welding robots inject high-pressure sealants into every cavity or crevice.

To provide a waterproof impermeable barrier against exterior moisture and highly corrosive salt in the atmosphere. After all crevices and cavities are sealed the primary focus with the BMW corrosion protection treatment is on protecting the under-body from moisture and surface water ingress. This is achieved by applying polyvinyl chloride with spraying equipment to fully protect the under-body chassis and floor plan. The car is then painted before the final stage of BMW corrosion protection when melted paraffin based cavity wax is injected into all cavities to prevent water penetrating into cracks. Throughout this cavity wax injection treatment, the car is gently rocked to ensure the melted paraffin based cavity wax seeps and penetrates every seam and crevice before drying into a solid corrosion prevention protective coating. The BMW corrosion protection treatments are very comprehensive and they provide a 12-year anti-corrosion warranty on cars registered after 2004 against perforation by rust.

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BMW Corrosion Protection Rust Inspection

Even though BMW is recognised throughout the automotive world for manufacturing and building reliable robust vehicles that are incredibly durable. You should not be reliant on the corrosion protection provided in the factory, especially if you own an older BMW car or are currently looking to purchase a second-hand model. Even if the vehicle is still covered by the standard BMW anti-corrosion 12 year warranty for rust perforation, they will not accept liability if deemed due to neglect or an unrepaired or poorly repaired paint or body damage. At DINITROL we advise that you regularly inspect your BMW for any paint defects usually caused by stone chippings. These defects can quickly lead to rust appearing if not repaired quickly, to prevent the chemical reaction of water and air reacting on the surface leading to corrosion. When inspecting the BMW for any paint defects pay extra attention around the front wings, door sills, bonnet grille area, boot lid and wheel arches. To safely inspect the under-body chassis area of your BMW for exposed bare metal due to stone chippings. We recommend lifting the vehicle with a set of D.I.Y. ramps or visiting a local garage who have a professional lift. Finally don’t forget to remove all wheels and carefully inspect all inner arch areas and remove the plastic liners to check for trapped moisture, with debris usually leaves and dirt becoming compacted underneath. You must also be aware that wheel arch liners can also become abrasive on the coated paint layer of your BMW, revealing the bare metal and must be checked regularly via a comprehensive scheduled corrosion protection maintenance plan.

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DINITROL BMW Corrosion Protection Treatments

To protect your vehicle from rust and avoid costly repairs we recommend purchasing DINITROL BMW corrosion protection treatment coatings including underbody chassis sealants, cavity waxes, anti stone-chip products and penetrating cavity waxes ideal for older BMW cars. Please click here to view the full range of suitable DINITROL BMW Corrosion Protection professional OEM approved products available for purchase online. You can also contact a local DINITROL Treatment Provider for a comprehensive BMW corrosion protection rustproofing treatment after they have conducted a rust inspection.

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