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BREXIT Haulage Commercial vehicle rustproofing

What does BREIXT mean for commercial vehicle operators?

With the EU referendum concluded the UK haulage industry sector will be facing increasing operational business challenges due to the 3 following reasons:

  1. An increase with fuel costs due to the weakening £ pound against the US Dollar and EURO could mean UK hauliers are faced with rising diesel prices at the pump. Especially when it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to transfer these costs onto your customer when billing.
  2. It’s also predicted that our FREE trade with the EU European Union will be greatly diminished due to newly imposed regulations and this will directly hit logistics companies with a reduced demand for road haulage to transport their goods aboard via export.
  3. With an evident driver shortage across the UK mainly for HGV transport license holders it could become even harder to recruit EU citizen drivers due to the free movement of people being removed with tighter border controls and new migration legislation.

BREXIT UK haulage industry transport HGV fleet vehicle operator logistics rustproofing chassis sealanat coating rust treament HGV dinitrol UK

In these post BREXIT challenging times for Haulage & Logistic operators DINITROL® can help with a vehicle corrosion protection plan

If you’re a commercial truck or van operator we can provide vehicle underbody chassis rustproofing and rust treatment plans helping you to remain operational and prolong the fleets working life. Also by implementing a comprehensive maintenance and inspection schedule with a local DINITROL® Treatment Centre you significantly minimise the financial risk to your business. During these tough economic times due to the requirement to purchase replacement vehicles. Many Commercial operators across the UK are starting to implement a corrosion protection plan especially with underbody chassis coatings due to the prolonged exposure to highly corrosive road salt throughout the winter months. Contact a local affiliated DINITROL® Treatment Centre today and speak with a corrosion specialist who can advise on the best rust treatments, cavity wax and underbody chassis coating products from the extensive OEM approved DINITROL® range to comprehensively protect your commercial HGV or van vehicle fleet.

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