Bus & Coach OEM Solutions
DINTROL OEM approved products are extensively used throughout bus & coach vehicle construction assembly stages and also to provide corrosion protection.
The innovative range of DINITROL OEM approved bonding, sealing and adhesive solutions. Are commonly used throughout vehicle construction with floor covering, side wall, skeleton and roof fitting applications. Our corrosion range products are commonly used to underseal the chassis, protect cavities including box sections and also provide sound damping solutions during vehicle assembly and throughout the bus or coaches working life with ongoing maintenance applications.

Sealants (Sprayable / Spreadable)

Watch the video we have an extensive range of OEM approved bus and coach manufacturing industry solutions for windshields, side windows, walls and floor panel bonding or sealing. With innovative technologies that include: Polyurethane, MS Polymer, STP Polymer, Butyl and PIB product application solutions.

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OEM approved DINITROL Bus & Coach product application information
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6. Skeleton Sealing
11. Engine Compartment
12. Transportation Waxes

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Fire retardant putty for Bus & Coach Industry

DINITROL 11003 IQ LW FR is a lightweight putty with fire retarding properties, approved according to EN 45545, R1/R7, HL2 and is easily sandable. The product suited to the rail industry has a low viscosity along with long open and short drying time.

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DINITROL currently work with many bus and coach vehicle OEM manufacturers based in the UK to provide corrosion protection, assembly construction and direct glazing glass installation product system solutions. We can work closely with your internal research and development department to provide solutions for existing problems or new requirements. Our technical specialists can also provide on-site application training and ongoing support with process instruction manuals should they be required.

The innovative DINITROL® 516 A/B 2C-System is used for bus and coach glazing repair and reduces the drive away time from the average 12 hours industry standard to only 4 hours for convenience and minimum disruption.

We assist many bus and coach manufacturers with production line implementation expertise and can also provide a corrosion resistance testing service for components or parts with our in-house salt spray chamber and climatic chamber in accordance with professional standardisation requirements.

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