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Car Restoration

Car Restoration

Car Restoration is a very rewarding hobby or professional occupation especially, when you drive the vehicle for the first time and benefit from all the hard work. If you are looking to restore a car we recommend contacting an authorised DINITROL® supplier who provide rust proofing kits usually containing a rust convertor, underbody chassis coating and cavity wax. Once you have removed any corrosion and rust from the vehicle with a wire brush we strongly recommend you use an inspection lamp to check for any excessive corrosion surface damage that may require welding by a professional body repair specialist. You can then recheck the car for any corroded areas and apply DINITROL® RC900. A specialist rust convertor & primer that turns rust on your car substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Once you are happy with the vehicle chassis and cavity areas you will need to mask the vehicle with a suitable automotive masking tape and paper. Also with the internet it’s now very easy to source vehicle parts for classic cars with many suppliers. After you have applied the rust treatment products including DINITROL® cavity waxes and underbody chassis coatings to the car. You should always use an appropriate engine cleaner and engine flush and radiator flush before driving the vehicle.

Chassis coatings underbody sealants and cavity waxes for car restoration with RC900 rust convertor spray
car restoration for auction or pleasure with DINITROL vehicle rust treatment coatings for cavity waxes, underbody chassis coatings, RC900 rust convertor auto aftermarket repair

Fibreglass for car restoration projects

If you are looking to repair the panels yourself the DINITROL® 6085 Fiber Fine Star fibreglass Car body filler is ideal for bridging rusted areas.

Apply DINITROL® 485 for additional protection.

When conducting your car restoration we recommend spraying DINITROL® 485 on any panel overlaps, water gutters, shock absorber mountings and grooves and spot welding seams in the engine compartment for peace of mind.
DINITROL car restoration rust proofing kits find a local DINITROL supplier, underbody coating gun application RC900 dinitrol UK

Car restoration protecting the engine

To protect the engine compartment DINITROL® Corroheat 4010 provides a transparent hard film that is resistant to both alkalin and acids.


The VCI UNI O-40 product is suitable for protecting inside gear boxes and fuel tanks. Also due to the VCI-oil burning without forming ashes and being miscible with gasoline, oil and Diesel, you don’t to remove the product before starting the engine. Once applied the coating protects copper, steel, iron, brass, bronze and other metals. The product is also commonly used on outboard motors during the winter season.

Car restoration advice

If you require a rust treatment solution for a car restoration project please read our feature on classic car restoration.

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