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Car Rust Proofing

Car Rust Proofing

Protect your vehicle from corrosion with a DINITROL® car rust proofing coating. Our professional OEM approved car underbody coatings provide the perfect car underseal solution by forming a tough ‘rubbery’ film resistant layer against stone-chips, gravel, road debris, road surface rain water and water ingress during harsh weather conditions. Car rust proofing is very common in Nordic countries and Northern European countries including: Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland and Holland due to their harsh winter conditions. However with the increased risk of flooding in the UK from freak weather storms and severe winters.

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Many car owners especially in rural areas are now looking to protect their cars by applying a rust proofing underbody coating. All new cars usually receive a car rust proofing underbody chassis coating during production or at import plants. But many people fail to realise that this coating should be inspected every year normally in the spring or summer months. To check that the car rust proofing coating layer is still providing adequate corrosion protection and the car underseal is not damaged in places allowing rain water to penetrate through. On average we recommend that a car should receive a fully renewed car rust proofing underbody coating every two years with an interim inspection every year to make sure any small holes in the corrosion protection coating layer are professionally assessed and repaired.

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What’s the best car rust proofing solution

The products can be applied yourself with our convenient DINITROL aerosols or with an underbody coating gun and 1L DINITROL® shutz can range. However we recommend visiting a local DINITROL® treatment provider who will strip away your wheel arch covers and any plastic trays and coverings to ensure all cavities within the car underbody are completely coated. Along with applying the car rust proofing underbody coating to the chassis area the wheel-housings and side-skits are also covered. Also before starting the car underbody coating they will conduct an inspection of the car chassis and check for evidence of rusting and corrosion damage and can advise if any DINITROL® rust treatments or rust convertors should be applied prior to application. What the video below to see a typical car rust proofing treatment being applied.

Visit a DINITROL car rust proofing provider today

Why not visit a DINITROL car rust proofing treatment provider today for a professional vehicle rust inspection. Our network of UK car rust proofing centres also provide rust prevention treatments for classic cars and 4×4 off road vehicles including classic Land Rover’s.

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DINITROL Classic Car Corrosion Protection, Rust Treatment, Rust Prevention & Rust Proofing product application video guides.

DINITROL 4941 / Car is a black solvent based underbody chassis coating with good abrasion resistance and self healing properties.
DINITROL ML is a penetrating water displacing cavity wax that stops ongoing corrosion ideal for classic cars or older second-hand vehicles.
DINITROL 443 Zinc Paint provides excellent long-term corrosion protection for all metals. The fast drying product contains 95% pure zinc and is an excellent product when conducting vehicle body work repair tasks.
Rc900 video coming soon…

Find a local DINITROL® car rust proofing provider or DINITROL® product stockist in the United Kingdom

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Apply a rust preventative car underbody chassis coating today to your vehicle today. For more information on DINITROL® car rust proofing treatments and local DINITROL treatment providers please click here ‘where to buy

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Purchase a DINITROL® D.I.Y. car rustproofing underbody chassis and vehicle cavity treatment kit

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Our DINITROL car rustproofing D.I.Y. treatment kits can be purchased in aerosol format for easy application and 1 Litre Schutz cans for applying with an undercoating gun and air compressor. We also sell masking & PPE products.

Car Rust proofing kits

Are you are car fleet leasing operator or car hire company?

Minimise your expenditure with purchasing new vehicles and implement a DINITROL car corrosion protection plan for your fleet. This will also ensure your vehicles remain operational for longer generating revenue for the business by drastically reducing vehicle repairs due to the effects of corrosion.

Popular Car Rustproofing product treatments

If you are looking to conduct a car rustproofing treatment yourself we can recommend the following underbody chassis and penetrating cavity wax products below. Also if extensive rust is evident you may need to apply the DINITROL RC 900 rust converter. For more information on products and treatment application advice please contact the official DINITROL UK Customer Services team.

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