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Car Underseal

Car Underseal

Still common place in Scandinavia and northern Europe. Car underseal treatments are applied every year to the vehicle with many treatment centres providing the service, due to extremely harsh winter weather conditions. However throughout the UK many vehicle owners fail to see the importance of reapplying a car underseal protective coating every couple of years, or having the chassis inspected annually. The car underseal rustproofing coating protects the chassis from small stones that create chip marks within the paint layer allowing rust to spread once exposed to water or moisture.

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Car underseal rustproofing protection

If your car underseal protective layer becomes damaged exposing bare metal around the chassis area, rust will soon be evident due to the UK’s weather climate of cold winters, high rainfall and damp conditions. Also road salt to clear the highways in winter is an excellent accelerator for the oxidisation process when water and oxygen react with metal the chemical reaction is rust (iron oxide). This corrosion and rustproofing issue can lead to premature parts failure of the exhaust system, subframe, brake system and coil springs with costly replacement bills at your local repair garage.

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How can I protect my car underseal

Whilst you can minimise and prevent the risk of corrosion damage with your car underseal coating by trying to avoid puddles, snow ploughs and gritters or pressure washing the undercarriage regularly. We recommend visiting a DINITROL Treatment Centre to have a pre-winter inspection of the car underseal protective layer. By professionally assessing your car underseal they can provide a range of suitable rustproofing product treatments. Remember even the smallest hole in the car underseal can leave your vehicle vulnerable to surface water ingress. Please watch the official DINITROL Car rustproofing treatment centre video below.

Can you apply a car underseal yourself?

Providing you have suitable ramps to raise the vehicle enough to gain access to the underbody chassis area. It’s possible to apply a car underseal with our convenient aerosols or 1 Litre shutz cans, that can be applied with a undercoating gun attached to a suitable air compressor. However before applying the underseal coating it’s important the underbody chassis has been steam cleaned with a pressure washer and allowed to completely dry. Please note completely drying the vehicle undercarriage thoroughly can sometimes take around 2-5 days based on weather conditions. Before starting to apply the underseal treatment double check the chassis surface area is completely dry to avoid moisture becoming trapped underneath the underbody coating. Also when applying a DINITROL rustproofing treatment don’t forget to wear suitable personal protection equipment and mask the area to catch any overspray that may occur.

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Car Underseal product treatments

Within the DINITROL corrosion protection range we have many OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) car underseal rustproofing products to protect your vehicle underbody from corrosion including:

DINITROL 4941 black car underseal chassis rustproofing treatment application with self healing properties


Our most common underseal rustproofing product provides a black hard waxy protective chassis underbody coating with good abrasion resistance. The product also contains self healing characteristics whilst adhering to painted surfaces or those coated with PVC or a similar material layer. Buy DINITROL 4941


The high solid content waxy brown underseal product is a very thixotropic coating that provides long term corrosion protection even in highly corrosive conditions. Buy DINITROL Metallic

Dinitol metallic waxy brown car underseal product with good heat resistance ideal for highly corrosive conditions


The environmentally friendly black bitumen based underseal coating forms a durable tough elastic film layer and also provides good stone chip resistance & sound deadening properties. Buy DINITROL 449

Car underseal DINITROL 449 underbody chassis coating provides good stone chip resistance and sound deadening properties

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