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Dekalin Caravan & Motorhome repair, maintenance & construction products

Specialist bonding, sealants, rust treatment & corrosion protection products by Dekalin for caravan repair

At DINITROL® we have developed and launched The Dekalin brand specifically designed for the caravan & motorhome construction, repair and maintenance industry sectors. The comprehensive collection of specialist caravan and motorhome products include: repair, bonding, sealing and corrosion protection solutions.

Used by caravan and motorhome vehicle manufacturers and aftermarket repair industry

The OEM approved innovative Dekalin range is extensively used globally throughout the caravan & motorhome industry by manufacturers including: Fendt, Dethleffs, Burstner, Carthago, Pilote and Hymer. The Dekalin brand has been established for over 100 years and has experienced substantial growth with the increasing demand from the automotive industry and caravan repair sector for synthetic adhesives with all products being OEM approved.

Dekalin caravan repair products, sealants, adhesives, corrosion protection, rust treatments and bonding
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Dekalin caravan & motorhome product applications

Dekalin products are commonly used for the following applications:

  • The sealing of motorhome and caravan roofs including side strips and any parts mounted onto the side panel.
  • The bonding of motorhome and caravan PMMA windows and sound damping of motor covers.
  • The protection of motorhome and caravan underbody sections including wheel housing areas with corrosion prevention products.
  • The Dekalin range also provides innovative solutions for sealing, bonding, protecting, cleaning, damping and reinforcing caravan & motorhome vehicles.
For more information on this dedicated product range for the motorhome & caravan sector please visit: The site contains a full listing of UK official distributors and retail stockists providing Dekalins globally renowned Bonding, Sealants, Corrosion Protection and Repair products whilst also able to provide application information assistance if required.
Caravan repair products for Fendt, Dethleffs, Burstner, Carthago, Pilote and Hymer. Sealants, bonding, corrosion protection, sound damping of motor covers.
Caravan repair, bonding, sealants, corrosion protection Fendt, Dethleffs, Burstner, Carthago , Pilote and Hymer