MAZDA MX 5 Rustproofing

MAZDA MX 5 Rustproofing Their is no doubt the MAZDA MX 5 is a classic roadster. DINITROL MAZDA MX-5 Rustproofing kits are ideal for corrosion protecting your car. Launched in 1989 the lightweight two seater rear wheel drive front engine car quickly became a big seller with over 40,000 models sold between 1989 to 1997. [...]

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DINITROL ML cavity wax

DINITROL ML Cavity Wax for vehicles If you are looking to protect cavities in your vehicle from corrosion and rusting. DINITROL ML cavity wax is a highly penetrating corrosion protection coating specifically designed for vehicle applications. Once applied the penetrating cavity wax provides long lasting corrosion resistance by eliminating moisture. The water displacing product even [...]

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Replacement railway vehicle glazing

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new market leading manual application system for the replacement of rail vehicle glazing that greatly reduces the time of the railway engine or rail carriage being out of service due to window glazing maintenance and repair. With this improved product you can drive the train away [...]

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