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Checking for vehicle rust

Checking for vehicle rust

Regular inspections of your car checking for vehicle rust will allow you to identify any corrosion damage before it starts to spread causing expensive body work repairs. In order to inspect your vehicle for rust we recommend opening all the doors, bonnet and boot lid. Usually the earliest signs of rust appearing is when two pieces of metal meet together around a vehicle body section. Also due to the paintwork commonly becoming scuffed that was previously protected by paint coverage, the metal underneath becomes exposed to water ingress. You must also check for any signs of rubbing when two painted sections meet and this can be evident by bubbling paint due to the upper paint protection layer wearing away rust is allowed to form.

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Don’t neglect the underbody chassis when checking for vehicle rust

When checking for vehicle rust the underbody chassis is often neglected due to being out of sight. However this section is the most common area likely to show signs of rusting with the daily exposure to road surface water and during winter months road salt. The effects of water combined with road salt is a very corrosive mixture that aggressively attacks any exposed metal. You should also check the vehicle for any residual rain or surface water than collects in foot wells, engine compartment or luggage compartment including plastic trim areas. If you find any evidence of water collecting within or around the vehicle it must be drained and removed immediately with the effected area repaired.

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Inspecting for vehicle rust

Finally we recommend you inspect the wheel arch areas and surrounding wells for early signs of rust. In and around your vehicle wheel arches they quickly become very dirty with mud collecting that frequently becomes moist and dry with the exposure of surface water. This continual cycle is perfect for rust to start forming on the surface. To inspect your wheel arches properly it’s vital that the wheel is fully removed and the arch area is completely cleaned with a hose and hot soapy water. When dry we recommend using a torch to conduct a detailed inspection of the vehicle wheel arch cavity area for any evidential signs of rust.

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Vehicle rust prevention

To prevent your vehicle from rusting we also recommend regularly washing the car including the underbody chassis area with a Karcher Steam Cleaner and suitable detergents. Dirt along with bird droppings can cause the surface of your paint to deteriorate leaving the metal underneath exposed to water and oxygen in the air.

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When oxygen and water react with metal the oxidisation process starts and rust becomes noticeable on the surface. Also when cleaning your vehicle undercarriage to remove any road salt residue. You should add around 1 tablespoon of baking soda to your soapy water, the soda neutralises the road salt. Finally waxing your car every few months can greatly assist in protecting the paintwork around the vehicle by repelling any surface or rain water.

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Vehicle rust treatments

Why not visit a local DINITROL Treatment Centre who can assist in checking for vehicle rust and provide a wide range of professional vehicle rustproofing application services.

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