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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

When looking for classic car insurance to protect your prized asset it’s important you check the small print and policy terms. With many mainstream insurers they will usually accept older vehicles however if you need to claim they will usually assess current market values that could be a lot less than you expected. Due to this reason we recommend contacting a specialist Classic Car insurance provider. Who can usually provide an agreed value clause should the vehicle be wrote off due to a bad accident or in the event of being stolen. When contacting classic car insurance brokers they usually deem cars built before the 1930’s to be vintage and cars manufactured prior to 1976 historical. Also be careful when selecting a classic car insurance policy and read the terms and conditions, most have an annual mileage limit of 3,000 miles or below.

Footman James Classic Car Insurance

The company currently sponsor a lot of major national classic car events including the Manchester Classic Car Show and Sywell Classic Pistons & Props event in Spalding. During the past 30 years Footman James have been providing classic car insurance polices for owners, collectors and specialist vehicle traders across the UK. With their interest within the classic car insurance market they have established links with most club’s including the Morris Minor Owners Club and Jaguar Enthusiasts Club. Also if you wish to use your classic car for wedding occasions to generate income, Footman James can provide additional cover to permit this.


Lancaster Insurance

Established in 1984 the classic car insurance provider is based in St Ives, Cambridge. With the insurance provider being the sponsor of the UK’s largest classic car event the ‘Classic Motor Show’ held at the Birmingham NEC in November. The marque event provides a great finale for the classic car show season with many iconic motoring world presenters at the event including Mike Brewer and Ant Anstead. At the Classic Motor Show the company also present and sponsor the prestigious ‘Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership’ award to the classic car that has the greatest provenance and motoring history. Also due to their association with many classic car owner clubs across the UK they can sometimes provide member discounts and reduced premiums for limited mileage policies.


Classic Line Insurance

Situated in Hinckley the company have been providing classic car insurance cover since 1985, they issue veteran insurance policies for cars manufactured before 1918. With the first automotive vehicle company Panhard et Levassor producing cars from 1887. Their was approximately 60,000 cars worldwide by 1903, with Ford starting production in 1914 with the infamous model T. Usually cars built between 1919 and 1930 are covered by a vintage insurance policy. Classic Line insurance also provide a modern classic policy cover for cars manufactured after 1989 with the Mazda MX5, Toyota MR2, Lamborghini Countach, Aston Martin DB7, Vauxhall Lotus Carlton and TVR Griffith falling into this category.


Adrian Flux Classic Car Insurance

Considered to be the pioneers of providing limited mileage classic car insurance policies the company is based in King’s Lynn. They can also provide discounts dependent on the policy if you’re a member of a recognised classic car owners enthusiasts club or forum in the UK.


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Carole Nash Classic Car Insurance

Based in Altrincham, Cheshire the company recognise that any car older than 15 years can be considered a classic. We recommend visiting their website where you will find useful information on most popular classic cars by restoration specialist Fuzz Townshend presenter of the Car SOS show on the National Geographic channel. Carole Nash also provide insurance polices for owners of classic VW camper van’s including the T2, T3, T4 and T5 models respectively.


Heritage Car Insurance

Probably one of the oldest providers of classic car insurance, the company has been providing motorist cover for over 50 years from their Birmingham offices. During this time they have provided many classic car insurance polices to owners of Triumph Stag, Ford Escort XR3i, Morris Minor, Jensen Interceptor and Volkswagen Beetle owners across the UK. We recommend contacting the company who can provide a FREE agreed value, to protect your financial asset should the worst happen to the classic car. Heritage car insurance also provide policy cover for classic Land Rover’s that are over 20 years old and ex-military land Rover vehicles.


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Hagerty Classic Car Insurance

With the classic car insurance provider based in Towcester, they are passionate enthusiasts and owners of classic cars. They can also provide specialist laid up cover for classic cars that are not driven on the road due to being unregistered or unroadworthy. This means you can protect your classic car restoration project with damage, fire and theft insurance cover for peace of mind.


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Long term Classic Car protection with rustproofing treatments

Along with protecting your classic car with a comprehensive insurance policy provided by a reputable insurance broker. It’s also important to protect the vehicle from corrosion with a comprehensive rustproofing treatment provided by a DINITROL Treatment centre. They will professionally inspect the classic car for rust and apply suitable rust prevention coatings. With DINITROL D.I.Y. rustproofing treatment kits it’s possible to apply the coatings yourself with our convenient aerosols and 1 Litre schutz cans. Providing you have access to a suitable air compressor and undercoating gun equipment to attach the 1 Litre schutz cans. If you are currently working on a classic car restoration project please read our feature with useful information and specialist products including DINITROL RC 900 a complex organic chelat base and epoxy resin that converts rust into a stable organic iron complex.

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