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Have you recently completed a Classic Car Restoration Project?

Upload your project pictures and you could WIN a trip to the Aston Martin factory, Cash Prizes and DINITROL® products including D.I.Y. Rustproofing kits by entering the FREE competition

Send us your classic car restoration work photographs and a written summary of the project including any information on how the car was sourced. We will then publish your Classic Car Restoration Project images along with your written summary feature on the official DINITROL® UK gallery pages. You will then be entered into the FREE Prize draw, giving you the chance to win a trip to the Aston Martin production plant including a hotel stay for two.

Vehicle Find
Before Restoration
After Rustproofing
Finished Project

Click on the pictures below to view Classic Car Restoration projects that have already been submitted

On this page, you can upload pictures and a description of your classic car restoration project. We are especially interested in projects when DINITROL® corrosion protection product treatments have been applied. We are also looking for any complimentary advice and knowledge you have on classic car restoration to share with other site visitors starting a new project.

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