Classic Car Restoration, auto restoration with DINITROL 4941 underbody chassis coatings DINITROL ML penetrating cavity wax and RC900 rust converter
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Classic Car Restoration

OEM approved Classic Car Restoration automotive rust treatment and rust prevention treatments to protect your investment

Our obsession with classic car restoration is growing at an incredible rate with many classic car restoration projects recently achieving substantial selling prices at auction. That’s why at DINITROL we fully understand that classic car owners invest a lot of money and more importantly time in keeping their classic car in perfect condition. With the extensive range of OEM approved DINITROL automotive rust prevention and rust corrosion protection products it’s possible to completely protect your vehicle from becoming corroded. You are also welcome to visit an official appointed DINITROL Treatment provider to ensure the products are applied correctly by a professional applicator. Due to our reputation for developing and manufacturing high quality innovative automotive products many classic car enthusiast clubs across the UK are familiar with the brand and we are able to provide expert product application knowledge when required.

Classic Car Restoration Automotive windscreen replacement and windscreen repair aftermarket products for direct glazing of vehicles including cars  
Classic Car Restoration Automotive aftermarket corrosion protection and rust treatment with DINITROL cavity waxes can also be used in vehicle engine compartment and cars

Classic Car Rust Prevention & Rust Protection

DINITROL products provide the ultimate automotive rust protection solution and are perfect for classic car restoration projects. Our specialist rust convertor & primer DINITROL RC900 once applied to the corroded area actively converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex and once treated the body panel can also be repaired with DINITROL OEM approved automotive fibreglass and body fillers.

DINITROL Classic Car Corrosion Protection, Rust Treatment, Rust Prevention & Rust Proofing product application video guides.

DINITROL 4941 / Car is a black solvent based underbody chassis coating with good abrasion resistance and self healing properties.
DINITROL ML is a penetrating water displacing cavity wax that stops ongoing corrosion ideal for classic cars or older second-hand vehicles.
DINITROL 443 Zinc Paint provides excellent long-term corrosion protection for all metals. The fast drying product contains 95% pure zinc and is an excellent product when conducting vehicle body work repair tasks.
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The DINITROL corrosion protection range provides everything you require for rust proofing a classic car with vehicle under sealing, chassis coatings and cavity waxes including engine compartment coatings. We strongly recommend any classic car owner applies an underbody chassis coating at the very least to protect the vehicle from road debris, stone chips and the corrosive effects of road surface water. Once applied the vehicle underbody rust inhibiting durable chassis coating will also assist with sound deadening your vehicle. To effectively apply the products you will require an underbody coating gun and a lance extension especially for cavity waxes to ensure you are able to reach into closed cavities on your classic car such as doors, frame members and exterior joints and crevices. Understandably it can be hard to treat the underbody of the vehicle without suitable car ramps and for this reason we recommend you contact a professional DINITROL Treatment Centre who have all the neccessary equipment for application.

After market automotive vehicle car body repair products including fibre flass filler, soft filler, Aluminium Filler and micro fine body filler
DINTROL oem approved aftermarket automotive corrosion protection and rust treatments including underbody chassis coatings, cavity waxes and engine compartment protection 

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