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Classic Ford

Classic Ford

With Henry Ford’s first incorporated automotive business called the ‘Henry Ford Company’ in November 1901 it would soon become the “Cadillac Motor Company” on the 22nd August 1902, after Ford withdrew from the venture along with the intellectual rights to use his name. The Ford Motor company we are familiar with today was launched in 1903 with an investment of $28,000, and the organisation started manufacturing cars in Detroit. Henry Ford became a great pioneer of atomisation by developing the vertical assembly line production concept that is still implemented today. This new advancement allowed him to fulfil the growing demand for the popular Ford Model T that achieved over a million sales in 20 years. Building on the great initial success of the Ford Motor Company he soon realised the huge opportunity potential to start manufacturing cars in the UK. With the Ford Dagenham automotive factory production plant opening in 1931, his modern affordable vehicles soon became hugely popular with the British population and the facility plant is still open today, manufacturing over 10,980,479 cars. The Dagenham plant has produced many classic Ford cars with the notable iconic Zephyr, Anglia, Cortina and Fiesta in later years. With classic cars becoming a better financial investment compared to property, gold or stock market shares purchasing a retro Classic Ford car could become a great investment.

Classic Ford Cortina

Initially launched at the London Motor Show during October 1962, the Classic Ford Cortina soon became an instant hit with the British population. The classic Ford Cortina named after an Italian ski resort Cortina d’Ampezzo would lead to five generations being manufactured until 1982 when the iconic Ford Cortina was succeeded by the Ford Sierra model. With the original Classic Ford Cortina car designed by Roy Brown becoming glamorised in the Carry On Cabby movie, the impressive vehicle was soon available in Deluxe, Super and model trim. A GT specification model would later be released that could produce an additional 18bhp, compared to it’s closest rival the Cortina 1500 Super. With the car appealing to male drivers looking for a sporty model, the two-door Ford Cortina Lotus MK1 was an incredible piece of automotive engineering incorporating modern styling by utilising aluminium body panels. With the early classic Ford Cortina Lotus models incorporating a unique A-frame rear suspension these vehicles are rare and sought after by many classic car collectors. The MK2 Classic Ford Cortina later manufactured in South Africa is another magnificent piece of engineering and design, with the 3.0 litre V6 Essex producing impressive torque. This variant would soon be imported into the UK and aptly called the Cortina Savage.

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Classic Ford Capri

Originally designed by Philip T Clark who his attributed with creating the Ford Mustang. The Ford Motor Company would provide an affordable sports car solution for the increasing population of young male drivers in the UK looking for a fast sport hot hatch. With the classic Ford Capri car achieving over 1.9 million sales between 1969 and 1986, this fastback coupé was manufactured at the Ford Motor company Liverpool, Halewood production facility. If you are looking to purchase a classic Ford Capri try to find a Tickford Turbo with only 80 variants sold, this rebuilt model could reach 60mph in 6.7 seconds with the 2.8 injection engine developing an impressive 205bhp. Another notable classic Ford Capri is the 280 model variant commonly called the “Brooklands” due to the specific green paint colour used to finish this sports car. Pretty much all Classic Ford Capri Brooklands have been fitted with a sumptuous Recaro full leather interior and 15-inch sports alloys and the company produced over 1,038 models, providing an affordable collectable solution for any classic collector.

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Classic Ford Escort

With the enormous task of succeeding the highly popular Ford Anglia within the UK. The Classic Ford Escort small family car was manufactured at the Halewood plant after being unveiled to the European automotive community during the 1968 Brussels Motor Show event. With the initial interest generated throughout the Motor Show, the MK1 Classic Ford Escort would soon become a great commercial success with two million models manufactured by 1974. This astonishing figure had never been previously achieved by any Ford model manufactured outside of the United States. Improving on the MK1 model, the Ford UK & Germany divisions would jointly work together to develop the replacement MK2 Classic Ford Escort launched in 1974 that also included the legendary motor-sport racing ‘RS Mexico” and “RS2000” specifications. The company also identified a new niche small car luxury market sector and produced the luxury Ghia model to fulfil this new found demand. Between 1975 and 1981 the Classic Ford Escort would also become established on the world rally car stage. With the Classic Ford Escort RS1800 commonly featuring in the Lombard RAC Rally events during this motor-sport period. If you are searching for an affordable classic Ford Escort the 3rd generation XR3, RS Turbo, RS 1600i and convertible version manufactured by coachbuilder Karmann are a perfect addition for any retro car collector.

Classic Ford Fiesta

Originally developed under the ‘Bobcat’ project code name the Classic Ford Fiesta has achieved 16 million sales since launching in 1976. With the Classic Ford Fiesta originally created to meet the demand for smaller cars after the 1973 oil crisis, the new vehicle would become a great rival to the already established Mini throughout the UK. The threat of this new small car unveiled at the Le Mans 24 Hours Race in June 1976 would lead to British Leyland counteracting by releasing the Austin Metro in 1980. To win back market share in this competitive entry-level automotive vehicle size category that they had previously dominated. With the second generation launched in 1983, the hot hatch super mini XR2 model would prove to be a real head turner with an updated larger body kit and 1.6L CVH engine previously featured in the Ford Escort XR3 delivering 96 bhp. If you are interested in purchasing a retro classic Ford Fiesta the third generation XR2i launched in 1989 is an excellent investment, this iconic boy racer model was renamed during 1994 with the insurance friendly ‘Si’ badge.

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Classic Ford cars for restoration

If you are looking to start a Classic Ford restoration project we can recommend purchasing a Retro Ford Magazine subscription and joining the Old Skool Ford forum online. Visiting the Classic Ford Show during June at the Santa Pod Race Circuit can also be a great source of information, allowing you to network with fellow Classic Ford car owners who share the same passion and interest. This year’s Classic Ford Show will celebrate the Sapphire Cosworth’s 30th anniversary and display a 40-year-old MK3 Capri. We also recommend visiting the Retro Ford International website with many new replacement parts for Capri, Cortina, Escort and early Fiesta car models available for sale, allowing you to finish your restoration project.


DINITROL Classic Ford car Restoration & D.I.Y. Rustproofing Kits

If you are currently looking to start a Classic Ford car restoration or already own a Retro Ford car we recommend applying DINITROL corrosion protection products to protect the vehicle against rusting caused by water ingress, road salt and stone chipping around the underbody chassis area. You can also protect your classic Ford car by purchasing a DINITROL D.I.Y. Rustproofing Kit that also includes a transparent penetrating cavity wax for injection into crevices, sills, doors and box sections. If you have recently purchased a Ford car for restoration including a future retro classic that has evidence of surface rusting we recommend applying our DINITROL RC 900 Rust Converter spray that prevents further corrosion by forming an impermeable barrier.

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