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Classic Porsche Restoration

Classic Porsche Restoration

Born in 1875 Ferdinand Porsche was the chief engineer of Mercedes Benz and is also accredited with designing the original people’s car the Volkswagen Beetle. Whilst working at Mercedes Benz in Stuttgart he would design the legendary Mercedes Compressor Sports car with the S-type models performing well in all the international motorsport competitions. When speaking with Classic Porsche Enthusiasts not many people are aware that Ferdinand developed an electric car that was presented at the International World Fair in Paris. Also later that year the young automotive engineer genius who was already attracting a lot of interest, created the worlds first hybrid petrol/electric automobile.

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Classic Porsche – Type 64 Racing Coupé Car

During 1939 in Zuffenhausen Ferdinand Porsche developed a revolutionary aerodynamic car design called the ‘Type 64 Racing Coupé’ for the ‘Berlin Rom Wagen’ endurance competitions. Many classic Porsche enthusiasts believe the ‘Type 64 Racing Coupé’ is the blueprint for the later iconic automotive vehicle design we are familiar with today. The Porsche brand we recognise and appreciate today was born in 1948 with the launch of the stunning Porsche 356/1.

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This breathtaking car would utilise modified Volkswagen parts and be assembled in Gmünd, Austria. With the Porsche 356/1 roadster model, Ferry Porsche the son of Ferdinand had created an incredible sport car. With perfect weight to power ratio it could quickly accelerate and reach speeds up-to 83 miles per hour. Due to this incredible performance, Porsche started to become globally recognised for designing and producing sport cars with great pedigree.

Classic Porsche 911 sports car

With a successor for the legendary 356 Porsche Classic Sport car required, Ferry and Ferdinand started to work with their in-house design team during 1957. To create a new rear flat engine sports car that would be air-cooled and reliable. The legendary 911 coupé sports car was born and previewed at the 1963 Frankfurt IAA, this would be the launch of the world’s most iconic Porsche classic car that is still in production today. Watch the video below showing the 7 generations of the remarkable classic Porsche 911 sports car.

Modern Classic Porsche Car

With the Porsche 911 becoming a blueprint for the perfect sports car with good weight distribution and exceptional handling. The globally renowned sports car manufacturer has designed and released more modern Porsche classic car models that include the Boxster, Cayman, Panamera, Macan and luxury Cayenne.

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Classic Porsche Car Club

If you own a Classic Porsche Car or are looking to purchase a vehicle, we can recommend joining the Classic Porsche Club Great Britain. Share your passion for everything Porsche related including restoration, rust prevention and rustproofing tips and advice for Porsche Classic Car models.

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Classic Porsche Restoration & Rustproofing

If you own a Classic Porsche Car protecting the vehicle from premature corrosion is essential to ensuring you can enjoy the sports car for many year’s to come. Also with many classic Porsche 911s increasing in value it’s important that you implement a rustproofing treatment plan to protect your investment. DINITROL 4941 / Car a Black underbody coating is perfect for providing anti stone chip protection to the chassis area whilst preventing corrosion from water ingress.

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Protecting the chassis of your Porsche Classic Car from water ingress and surface water containing highly corrosive road salt during the winter months is very important. We also recommend injecting all box sections, crevices and doors, frame members and any exterior joints with a penetrating cavity wax product. DINITROL ML is a cavity wax with excellent creep properties ideal for providing a Porsche Classic Car with a comprehensive rust prevention treatment. If you are currently restoring a Classic Porsche Car and removing any rust we can recommend DINITROL RC 900 the specialist primer and rust converter turns rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex.

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