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Classic VW Beetle for Sale

Classic VW Beetle for Sale

When Dan a vehicle restoration specialist was searching to purchase a Classic VW Beetle for Sale. He was amazed to find a very rare 1974 Volkswagen Beetle 1303 found in remarkable condition whilst searching the UK.

Classic VW Beetle for Sale in good condition due to DINITROL treatment

We have been recently contacted by Dan Simpson who professionally restores classic cars and retro vehicles back into good working condition. On recently purchasing a very rare 1974 Volkswagen Beetle 1303 with 60,000 genuine miles and a full service history. He was amazed with how well the chassis and underbody area had been preserved. With Dan operating the Vintage Speed website selling specialist retro fit VW bug parts including exhaust and mufflers. After inspecting all the documentation supplied with the purchase of the Volkswagen Beetle including the log books, MOT certificates and service book, he was astonished to find the original DINITROL rustproofing treatment certificate. On closer inspection of the documentation, it revealed that the treatment was applied 42 years ago with the date shown being 6th May 1975. It also provides genuine proof for DINITROL vehicle rustproofing treatment corrosion protection coatings being high quality, with the garage in Norwich providing a 6 year guarantee.

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Volkswagen Beetle history

Their is no doubt the Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic and globally recognised cars throughout the world. The mass market rear engined economy Volkswagen Beetle car launched in 1938 soon became a favourite in the UK being renamed the ‘Bug’ after the 2nd world war. Dubbed the peoples car throughout Germany and originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 it would take them 4 years to finalise the concept. With over 21 million Type 1 Volkswagen Beetles being produced between 1938 and 2003, due to the vehicles robust reliability. We are pleased to be informed that DINTROL Rustproofing treatment products have been assisting in the successful longevity of this remarkable vehicle in our automotive heritage.

Classic VW parts

With over 38 years working with Volkswagen vehicles Dan’s hobby soon became a thriving company due to demand for his specialist services. During 2008 he launched a new business: www.dansimpsonvwengines.com focussing on selling: Oil cooler kits for Volkswagen Beetle, Split Bus and Bay Bus, VW oils, ignition parts, custom full flow oil system kits and 73 air-cooled billet products.

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VW Beetle Restoration

With his great passion for everything Volkswagen, Dan has restored several VW’s over the past 30 years and commented” it’s hard to find this particular model in such good condition. I believe this is purely down to being protected with DINITROL rustproofing products”.

Being pleasantly surprised with the current condition of the Volkswagen Beetle, due to being preserved with DINITROL rust prevention and rustproofing coatings. Dan now plans to treat all future restoration vehicles with DINITROL corrosion protection product coatings. He’s now confident that the Volkswagen Beetle will still look in great condition in another 30 years time once retreated.

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Trying to find a classic VW Beetle for Sale

If you are searching online and across the UK to find a classic VW beetle for sale you will find many Type 1 vehicles for sale on automotive trading platforms including the Car & Classic website. Their are also many Volkswagen Owner clubs around the UK who can provide useful information and rare Beetles that are up for sale.

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Are you looking to buy a Classic VW Beetle for sale?

If you have just purchased a classic VW Beetle visit a local DINITROL Rustproofing Treatment Centre to have the vehicle inspected for corrosion and any evidence of rusting. DINITROL Treatment Centres can provide a full rustproofing service for your Classic VW Beetle by injecting penetrating cavity waxes into all box sections, crevices and doors, frame members and any exterior joints. They can also provide a Volkswagen Beetle underbody protective coating with DINITROL 4941/Car and can apply specialist anti-stone chip protection coatings if required. If you are looking to restore the classic VW beetle yourself we recommend purchasing a Classic VW Beetle D.I.Y. Rustproofing Kit and detailed spray diagram. The D.I.Y. Volkswagen Beetle Rustproofing Kits are available in convenient aerosols or in 1 Litre Schutz cans that can be attached to an undercoating coat and air compressor providing a more professional application solution.

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