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Corrosion resistance climatic chamber testing service

Do your products still work perfectly when exposed to cold, damp, hot & windy weather conditions? Within our internal Research & Development department we provide climatic chamber testing services incorporating the latest innovative technology. Our R&D technicians can simulate the toughest environmental conditions on earth to provide detailed performance indication reports on your products would react.

DINITROL® UK climatic chamber testing facility

The climatic chamber is able to recreate very specific environmental weather conditions within the specialised chamber enclosure. Exact climatic conditions can be simulated by using specialist software to pre-program the cycle with the desired weather conditions. By creating specific weather conditions in the climatic chamber we can simulate an automotive part being exported from China to the United Kingdom via a port in South America for example. We also have a lot of experience with testing machinery parts, electronic devices, components, material surfaces and industrial products for many global OEM automotive and industrial manufacturers via our strictly confidential service. It’s common for all components that are incorporated within a circuit to have individual operating temperature tolerances, and once these are exceeded within a cold or hot environment they can become faulty. The climatic chamber also provides a great insight into premature material ageing due to being exposed with extremely high or low temperatures.

Climatic chamber pre-programmed weather conditions

With our specialist software for the climatic chamber we can pre-program specific environmental condition cycles to replicate:

  • Altitude
  • Moisture changes
  • UV Degradation
  • Solar heating incorporating extreme temperatures
  • Highly corrosive atmospheres
  • Humidity
  • Temperature cycle
  • Relative humidity

Climatic chamber thermal shocks

Throughout the climatic chamber test cycle, we are able to implement thermal shocks providing sudden temperature variations inside the enclosure. If you want to test how your product would react in varying thermal and climatic conditions during transportation, usage and storage. The climatic chamber test provides a highly detailed comprehensive performance indication report. Also the detailed scientific test data contained in the report can be analysed to assist with further product development corrosion protection enhancements before manufacturing commences.

View climatic chamber analytics via your web browser

Due to our climatic chamber incorporating the Envicom smart series LCD control display, the data throughout the test duration can be viewed via the screen or remotely via a web browser. The data is constantly updated throughout the duration of the test period with our specialist reporting software providing you with the latest analytic information.

Climatic Chamber corrosion resistance test performance indication results

During the test cycle our laboratory technicians will closely examine and inspect the objects placed inside, for evidence on the surface of any corrosion characteristics. Our research & development technicians are also trained specifically to check for any edge protection, blistering or creep defects occurring throughout the climatic chamber test cycle. Creep is the technical terminology to describe the process when corrosion becomes evident underneath the coating and begins to form a membrane exposing the untreated surface to air and moisture.

If you would like more information on how our standardised and accredited testing services can help your organisation please send an email message or call: +44 (0) 1925 241 250

DINITROL UK Climatic Chamber Testing Service artificially replicate the exact weather conditions of an automotive part . Corrosion resistance failure, thermal shock

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