Commercial Vehicle Corrosion Protection OEM Solutions

DINITROL OEM approved commercial vehicle products are used during production and for ongoing maintenance requirements.
DINITROL Underbody chassis and stone chip protection coatings are commonly applied by leading OEM commercial vehicle manufacturers and import hubs. Also, DINITROL storage and transportation waxes are commonly applied to commercial vehicles before being delivered to a local dealership for customer collection or exported abroad.

OEM Approved Corrosion Protection Products

DINITROL OEM approved corrosion product solutions including solvent based, low VOC, waterborne, high solid and zero emission underbody chassis, cavity wax and rust converter products are used throughout many industry sectors. The OEM approved corrosion protection products are applied to commercial vehicles during the manufacturing stage including any on-going maintenance requirements.

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OEM approved DINITROL vehicle corrosion protection product application information
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OEM commercial vehicle manufacturer corrosion protection lorry truck HGV van rust prevention treatment coatings
6. Sound Dampening
7. Engine Compartment
8. Transport & UBC Protection

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DINITROL corrosion protection coatings including solvent-borne and bitumen based product solutions for sound damping, stone chip and underbody chassis protection, are extensively used throughout the commercial vehicle OEM manufacturing industry sector. We work with many commercial vehicle manufacturers to provide innovative product solutions for existing problems and can also assist with ongoing maintenance treatment recommendations. DINITROL UK can provide onsite product application training demonstrations and create instruction manual process guides based on your specific requirements.

We assist many commercial vehicle manufacturers with production line implementation expertise and can also provide a corrosion resistance testing service for components or parts with our in-house salt spray chamber and climatic chamber in accordance with professional standardisation requirements.

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