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Corrosion resistance salt spray chamber testing service

At our DINITROL® UK headquarters in Warrington, Cheshire we have a dedicated Research & Development Department who provide salt spray chamber testing services in accordance with international standardisation requirements. With our strictly confidential service we are able to test components, mechanical parts, finished parts, coated & uncoated panels, painted surfaces, screws, bolts, consumer products, kitchen appliances, tools, springs & bearings for corrosion resistance. The salt spray tests provide a good insight and performance indication on how they would perform in the harshest environments on earth.

DINITROL® UK salt spray testing facility

In our new state of the art internal Research & Development Department we provide a cost effective salt spray testing service for small metal objects, mechanical parts, components, painted surfaces and corrosion protected coated surfaces on a daily basis for many blue-chip OEM manufacturers across the UK. The low cost tests we provide are also conducted in accordance with globally recognised standards or regulations. We can also provide a wide selection of different DINITROL® product corrosion protection coatings from our extensive range, to help with evaluating and selecting the most effective protective solution. Throughout the duration of the test your product will be exposed to a very intensive corrosive salt based atmosphere in the chamber during the designated time period. The normal industry standard period of time is usually around 240 to 1000 hours however our technicians can customise the duration specifically to your requirements.

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Why are Salt Spray Chamber tests important?

If you are an OEM manufacturer or supplier it’s very important that you test and document all components and parts thoroughly. With a salt spray chamber accelerated corrosion test you are able to make an informed estimation of the components service life and then ensure you product provides adequate protection during its life span. Also throughout testing at specified time intervals the salt spray chamber cabinet is briefly opened to monitor the corrosion deterioration, with photographic evidence taken of any surface oxidisation. Salt spray chamber tests are widely used by automotive, industrial, marine, air craft and military sectors around the world.

Corrosion resistance test performance indication results

During the test cycle our laboratory technicians will closely examine and inspect the objects placed inside, for evidence on the surface of any corrosion characteristics. Our research & development technicians are also trained specifically to check for any edge protection, blistering or creep defects occurring throughout the salt spray chamber test cycle. Creep is the technical terminology to describe the process when corrosion becomes evident underneath the coating and begins to form a membrane exposing the untreated surface to air and moisture.

Salt spray test standardisation

With our salt spray testing service we only use salt that is supplied with a UKAS Certificate of Analysis & Certificate of Conformity. The refined salt used especially for salt spray testing contains a purity that is compliant with the latest requirements of ASTM B117, ISO 9227 and DIN 50 021. The salt spray chamber is also equipped with an innovative atomiser that enables an even distribution of salt spray and collection rates throughout the chamber.

If you would like more information on how our standardised and accredited testing services can help your organisation please send an email message or call: +44 (0) 1925 241 250

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