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DINITROL® Treatment Centre Customer Login

Your treatment is protected by our genuine DINITROL® Treatment Centre product application certificate for piece of mind

Please note you are only provided with a certificate and online login access when visiting an ‘Approved’ or ‘Official’ status DINITROL Treatment Centre. This service is not provided by ‘Independent’ status treatment centres.

When visiting an ‘Approved’ status DINITROL® Treatment Centre all products are applied correctly in accordance with our official technical application guidelines manual. The treatment application technicians also follow specialist detailed DINITROL® spray diagrams that are specific to your particular vehicle model.

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Throughout your ownership of the vehicle you will receive official DINITROL® certificates for every treatment application along with detailed photographic documentation evidence.

photographic evidence dinitrol rustproofing treatment certificate genuine product application rustproofing car, classic car, landrover, 4x4 -commercial vehicle, hgv, bus, coach and taxi customer login

This information can be accessed freely via our DINITROL® Treatment Centre customer portal login area. The certificate and account can also be transferred to a new owner if you decide to sell the vehicle.

Login to your DINITROL® Customer Account

When visiting an ‘Approved’ or ‘Official’ DINITROL® Professional Rustproofing centre the additional service highlighted below is also provided.

Before accessing a customer’s vehicle cabin we prepare the interior with protective branded floor mats, seat, steering wheel & gear knob covers to ensure no damage or spillage occurs.

We recommend a yearly check-up inspection with a full re-treatment every 2 years.

Please be aware that all ‘Approved’ and ‘Independent’ treatment centres listed on this website are private companies not under our direct control. Any disputes must be resolved directly with the ‘Approved’ or ‘Independent’ treatment centre including any liability or financial insurance claims should they arise. DINITROL® UK certificates provide proof that the treatment has been correctly applied and are not a warranty period guarantee.