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Coming soon Official DINITROL® Treatment Centres

The benefits of using an official UK DINITROL® Treatment Centre is that they will provide the full range of DINITROL® application services including: Auto windscreen replacement, corrosion protection, rust treatment, sound deadening and engine preservation. We are currently searching the UK to find suitable locations and plan to open a chain of dedicated Offical DINITROL® Treatment Centres.

Official dinitrol centre uk rustproofing rust treatments windscreen replacement car auto commercial vehicles cavity waxes engine preservation

However if you require a DINITROL® product application we recommend you search our DINITROL® Treatment Centres to find an approved partner who can provide the service in accordance with our guidelines. All treatments are conducted in accordance with our product application manual and official DINITROL® spray diagrams that are specific to your vehicle model for the ultimate results.

  • We only use 100% genuine DINITROL® treatment products.
  • You will be issued with an official certification guarantee on completion of the treatment.
  • Pictures will be taken at various stages throughout the application process to visually document the treatment.
  • Once application treatments have been completed all customers are issued with login details allowing them to access pictures and follow the application process stages in their own private client area. The certification and picture documentation is also held on file and can be transferred to a new owner if the vehicle is sold.
  • All product treatment applications and procedures are correctly implemented by professionally fully trained technicians in accordance with our official product application manual.
  • We always use DINITROL® branded protective covers inside of the vehicle to ensure your interior remains perfectly clean.
  • When returning the vehicle back to the customer after all treatment applications have been completed we provide a comprehensive DINITROL® branded clean up kit for any drips.

Please note our official DINITROL® Treatment Centres are still under construction across the UK and due to this reason we recommend you contact a Treatment Provider until further announcement by using the search finder below to locate a local company.

Please note: DINITROL® does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centres in the UK. Due to this reason we have created a Checklist with questions to ask your preferred treatment provider prior to proceeding with any applications. Please click here to read the information containing useful questions that you should ask the treatment provider.

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