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Jaguar E Type for sale

Jaguar E Type for sale Are you currently trying to find a Jaguar E Type for sale enabling you to start a challenging but rewarding restoration project? With many fully restored Jaguar E Type for sale selling for over £90,000, [...]

  • datsun 120 Y sunny nissan corrosion protection underseal underbody rust prevention underseal japanese classic car dinitrol dinol gml

Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection

Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection The professional rust proofing technicians at DINITROL UK headquarters were recently left speechless after receiving an email. When Simon the current owner of a 1975 Datsun 120Y, informed them that the original DINITROL corrosion prevention [...]

  • BMW corrosion protection nickel zinc bath polyvinyl chloride paraffin cavity wax injection corrosion prevention moisture crevices cracks dinitrol BMW rustproofing kits

BMW Corrosion Protection

BMW Corrosion Protection Now one of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world renowned for quality, reliability and precision engineering with luxury refinement and BMW Corrosion Protection, the German automotive organisation has a very colourful history. With the company [...]

  • audi corrosion protection second hand audi buyer classic car audi rustproofing rust treatment chassis coating cavity waxes rust converters uk dinitrol

Audi Corrosion Protection

Audi Corrosion Protection With a reputation for manufacturing the finest most reliable luxury cars around the world along rivals Mercedes Benz and BMW. Purchasing an older second hand Audi can be a wise choice providing prestige motoring at a fraction [...]

  • wheel arch liners corrosion protection trapped moisture water ingress soiling leaves organic debris rust prevention contamination dinol gmbh

What’s behind your wheel arch Liners?

What’s behind your wheel arch Liners Even though most modern car manufacturers have adopted improved methods for corrosion protecting vehicles, wheel arch liners can become a rust nightmare. It’s still the owner's full responsibility, to check the vehicle frequently for [...]