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Rodger Dudding Car Collection

Rodger Dudding Car Collection Nicknamed ‘Mr Lock Up’ Rodger Dudding the owner of Studio 434 has an astonishing 420 classic cars within his privation collection. The former British Royal Navy engineer apprentice is estimated to be worth around £162 million. [...]

  • toyota hilux 4x4 corrosion protection unsderseal undebody waxes dinitrol 4941 prevent rust perforations chassis anti stone paint

Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection

Toyota Hilux Corrosion Protection Since the release of the Toyota Hilux 4x4 in 1968, the indestructible pickup truck was an instant success due to incredible reliability. Now currently in its 8th generation, the robust Toyota Hilux has earned an impressive [...]

  • jaguar e type for sale corrosion protection restoration rust proofing underseal rust converters penetrating cavity wax dinitrol uk

Jaguar E Type for sale

Jaguar E Type for sale Are you currently trying to find a Jaguar E Type for sale enabling you to start a challenging but rewarding restoration project? With many fully restored Jaguar E Type for sale selling for over £90,000, [...]

  • datsun 120 Y sunny nissan corrosion protection underseal underbody rust prevention underseal japanese classic car dinitrol dinol gml

Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection

Japanese Classic Car Corrosion Protection The professional rust proofing technicians at DINITROL UK headquarters were recently left speechless after receiving an email. When Simon the current owner of a 1975 Datsun 120Y, informed them that the original DINITROL corrosion prevention [...]