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DINITROL ML cavity wax

DINITROL ML Cavity Wax for vehicles

If you are looking to protect cavities in your vehicle from corrosion and rusting. DINITROL ML cavity wax is a highly penetrating corrosion protection coating specifically designed for vehicle applications. Once applied the penetrating cavity wax provides long lasting corrosion resistance by eliminating moisture. The water displacing product even penetrates into hairline cracks for additional protection against the effects of corrosion. The product can be applied with either air-mixed or airless spraying equipment, in conjunction with a undercoating gun and lance extension and suitable hook attachments. However if you are a classic car enthusiast or looking to protect your vehicle with a D.I.Y. Rustproofing treatment. You’ll be pleased to know that DINITROL ML can also be purchased in a convenient 500ml aerosol with 90mm straw extension applicator attachment, located in the lid for a quick easy application without the requirement for additional equipment and tools.

DINITROL ML cavity wax Vehicle penetrating rustproofing coating

Once the extremely penetrating cavity wax is applied it forms a brown oily & greasy flexible film on the surface. This product has been specifically designed and manufactured for the application into vehicle closed cavity areas such as frame members, crevices, joints and doors.

DINITROL ML cavity wax Vehicle penetrating rustproofing coating dinitrol spray diagram rust treatment prevention uk centres

DINITROL ML cavity wax is ideal for Classic car restoration

If you are looking to apply a comprehensive rust proofing protection for an older second hand car or classic car, DINITROL ML is the most suitable product. If you are currently restoring a classic car to prevent the vehicle from rusting. DINITROL ML along with DINITROL 4941 and DINITROL RC 900 are a great combination selection for an overall rustproofing treatment. DINITROL ML is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved product and is also suitable for a wet in wet application with a bitumen underbody coating if required.
DINITROL ML cavity wax is ideal Classic car restoration car frame members crevices joints car doors rustproofing penetrating

Injecting DINITROL ML Cavity wax with a vehicle spray diagram

Please note when applying a cavity wax coating by injecting the product into closed cavities via pre-drilled holes. It’s important you follow a DINITROL spray diagram to avoid damaging any safety feature sensors in the doors for example. We also recommend pulling out the seat belts fully to ensure they are not mistakenly coated by the cavity wax treatment when injecting into the vehicle central support pillar section.

dinitrol ML cavity wax aerosol ideal for DIY rustproofing vehicle cavity wax injection

If you are an automotive or industrial vehicle manufacturer, DINITROL ML cavity wax can also be purchased in 5L, 20L, 60L or 208L drum size for professional application on production assembly lines. Due to it’s highly penetrating characteristics this product is currently applied to commercial vehicles including trucks, vans, coaches and buses throughout the UK. The cavity wax treatment coating also has an approximate drying time of 1 hour for convenience dependent on weather conditions and can also be easily removed with white spirit if required.

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