• Rust Treatment with DINITROL RC900 rust convertor for vehicles and classic cars, industrial iron work & steel.

DINITROL Rust Treatment

If you are searching for a premium rust treatment we can recommend DINITROL® RC900 ‘rust convertor’ containing an epoxy resin and organic chelat complex base. Once applied the OEM approved rust convertor spray drys to form an impermeable barrier against further corrosion, whilst actively converting rust into a stable organic iron complex. Once a damaged rust area has been treated on a substrate the surface is prepared and suitable for application of additional corrosion protection products or even paint. The product has many practical uses in automotive vehicle repair and industrial applications and the rust convertor product was specifically designed and developed to treat oxidised iron parts.

Rust Treatment with DINITROL® RC 900 Rust Converter Spray

Before applying the rust convertor it’s very important to remove any rust, dirt and grease beforehand with sand paper, wire brush or even sandblasting in industrial processes. We recommend that the DINITROL® RC900 rust convertor spray should be applied with approximately 7 successive coatings to the treatment area. When applied the DINITROL® RC900 rust convertor spray converts the reddish iron oxides ‘rust’ into a more stable black ferric tannate material. Along with automotive vehicle applications the DINITROL® RC 900 rust convertor is ideal for the use on trailers, fences, sheet metal, railings, iron, industrial installations and outdoor storage tanks for example. The product is also perfect for the preservation of iron based objects that have great historical importance.

OEM approved rust treatment solutions

DINITROL® have gained a global reputation for being a market leader in the development and manufacture of OEM approved corrosion protection products. When you require a premium quality Rust Treatment, the DINITROL® RC900 ‘rust convertor’ product provides 7-10 times deeper penetration when compared with many standard rust convertor solutions.

DINITROL® Rust convertor RC900 rust treatment for vehicles, classic cars, land rovers, HGV, commercial vehicles & industrial applications

DINITROL® RC900 Rust Convertor Spray product information

For more information on the DINITROL® RC900 Rust Convertor Spray product please click here. We also have an authorised list of retail stockists, online stockists, DINITROL® affiliated treatment centres across the UK on our Where to buy page. If you require technical assistance and information with regards to sourcing a suitable rust treatment for your chosen application please contact DINITROL® customers services in the UK.

The DINITROL® brand in the UK is fully managed and operated by B.I.G. Group (International) Ltd based in Warrington, Cheshire who are proud members of ICorr – Institute of Corrosion Member

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