Rustproofing Equipment & Tools Range

To achieve the best results when rustproofing a vehicle we strongly recommend applying the corrosion protection coatings with official DINITROL Equipment & Tools. The current equipment range includes 1:26 Pump units and specialist spray tools:

  • The DINITROL 1:26 pump units are ideal for rustproofing applications with 20 litre pails and the complete set version is ideal for larger drums including 60 Litre and 208 Litre corrosion protection coating products.

  • The DINITROL Spray tool UBS ejector underbody spray gun is for airmix applications and can be attached to the DINITROL 1 litre canister cans with threaded necks.

  • Also the DINITROL Spray tool HS ejector spray gun can be attached to DINITROL 1 litre canister cans with threaded necks and the flexible wand is perfect for low viscosity vehicle cavity applications.

DINITROL Equipment and tools for spray application of vehicle rustproofing car, land rover underbody chassis coating pump and lances for vehicle cavity wax applications
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