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DINITROL® Transportation Waxes

Transportation waxes are commonly applied to new vehicles once they leave the manufacturing facility before being delivered to dealerships, long term storage facilities or parked at the port docks awaiting export. Once vehicles are stored at dock side awaiting export and during transit across open sea they are exposed to the incredibly corrosive atmosphere of salt water spray. With the harsh off-shore environmental conditions an OEM approved transportation wax is essential to prevent the accelerated rusting of vehicles and components due to this exposure. If you are a vehicle manufacturer or component part exporter applying a suitable transportation wax and corrosion protection procedure will ensure the shipment will reach your customers in perfect condition. During the past 70 years DINITROL® have become a global recognised leader within the automotive aftermarket with manufacturing and supplying high quality OEM approved vehicle corrosion protection solutions.

OEM approved DINITROL® Transportation Waxes

Once applied the transportation wax helps in providing corrosion protection for the vehicle from rusting and contamination build up in the atmosphere. Transportation waxes are also commonly applied to vehicle parts by providing a protective layer especially when they are placed in long term storage. DINITROL® 81 is a transparent coating intended for the protection of metal finished surfaces and is suitable for steel during storage and transit. Once applied the smearless transparent and colourless coating provides a film layer that can even protect lacquered surfaces whilst withstanding white spirit and other similar solvents.

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Transportation wax coating removal products

The transportation waxes can be applied quickly with industrial spray equipment and can easily be removed with our range of specialist industrial vehicle cleaners and degreasers. For more information on the full range of OEM approved DINITROL® transportation wax coatings please contact a local authorised UK based DINITROL® distributor. DINITROL® OEM approved corrosion protection transportation waxes are currently used by many leading recognised vehicle manufacturers and independent coach builders throughout the world due to their guaranteed reliability and performance.

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