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Corrosion & your vehicle

Corrosion in cars is a serious issue. Not only can it be costly from a financial standpoint, but it can also be extremely dangerous by compromising a vehicle’s safety. Corrosion will inevitably shorten the overall lifespan and value of any vehicle. So, it’s important to know exactly what rust is and how it occurs in cars and other vehicles.

When the iron contained within the steel panels of your car and oxygen mix with air or water, rust begins to develop. In time, rust with overwhelm the iron content and begin to disintegrate.

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External influences

If dirt and moisture build up on the underside of your vehicle, then rust & corrosion may occur. As this part of the vehicle is difficult for the everyday owner to view, it isn’t easy to see whether corrosion has begun. If it has, and it’s allowed to build, then ultimately the underbody strength will be diminished and and the vehicle safety may well be compromised.

Internal influences

Not all car corrosion comes from outside of the vehicle. In fact, a considerable proportion of vehicle corrosion develops when moisture build up inside the cavities of doors and other panels. The metal in these areas tend not to be subjected to anti-corrosion protection and as such are open to moisture build up, which in time, will likely develop into rust if not treated.

To protect your vehicle we recommend a yearly inspection check

Modern cars have much better rust protection than their older counterparts, but they are still susceptible to corrosion due to the corrosive nature of chemicals used on our roads. To ensure your vehicle is not suffering from corrosion damage and hidden rust around the vehicle underbody chassis you should inspect the vehicle yourself or ideally ask a professional to conduct a comprehensive check. Identifying and treating corrosion damage early will avoid expensive bills and prevent further rusting

No matter how new or old your car is, the one common factor they all have is if they are left unprotected they are prone to rust & corrosion. Our comprehensive rust protection treatments continue to extend the longevity & safety of your vehicle, by protecting metal surfaces from salt and moisture. However, you must ensure all of the hidden areas and cavities are treated to provide your vehicle with the best possible protection from rust.

Please note: DINITROL® does NOT operate or endorse any treatment centres or providers in the UK. Due to this reason we have provided a Checklist with questions we recommend you ask your preferred treatment provider prior to proceeding with any applications. Please click here to read the information containing useful questions that you should ask the treatment provider.


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