DINITROL Treatment

DINITROL Treatment

If you are searching for a professional company to provide a professional vehicle rustproofing service we recommend visiting a local DINITROL Treatment Centre listed on this website for a comprehensive vehicle inspection. By visiting an authorised DINITROL Treatment Centre you have complete piece of mind that the products have been applied correctly for the ultimate protection. On completion of any DINITROL treatment services you will also be provided with a genuine product application treatment certificate.

3 great reasons why you should opt for a DINITROL Treatment

DINITROL Treatment Inspection

Before starting any DINITROL Treatment services your vehicle will be fully inspected by a professional rustproofing technician with the information documented on the vehicle inspection paperwork and issued DINITROL treatment certificate with any future recommendations listed.

dinitrol treatment centre vehicle rustproofing underbody chassis coating for land rover, 4x4 off road vehicles, classic cars, motorhomes and caravans

We only apply DINITROL Treatments by following specialist spray diagrams unique to your vehicle

Before applying any vehicle rustproofing treatments our technicians study and follow specially created DINITROL Spray diagrams. This prevents any damage to safety sensors found in cavity areas that could prove fatal in the event of an accident by contributing to airbag activation failure. By following the spray diagram instructions the vehicle rustproofing technician can safely inject the cavity waxes into the designated access points usually located around the doors and chassis areas. The DINITROL Spray Diagram resource library collection has been built up over many years, by a specialist team of vehicle rustproofing experts who examine new vehicles and document the most effective treatment process for that particular model. Also unlike many competitors we usually don’t have to drill small access holes in the vehicle body frame or chassis due to the spray diagrams clearly documenting any access holes for the cavity wax injection application.

dinitrol treatment inspection, dinitrol spray diagrams for vehicle rustproofing and cavity wax injection applications

All DINITROL Treatment applications are applied in accordance with our process

All DINITROL Treatment Centres listed on this website must apply all DINITROL Treatment applications in accordance with our strict guidelines. Vehicle rustproofing throughout mainland Europe and particularly Scandinavia is very common due to the highly corrosive effects of harsh winters including sustained exposure to road rock salt, sea salt, snow and prolonged water ingress due to excessive surface water from melting ice or rain. During the past 50 years DINITROL have been a recognised globally established market leader in providing vehicle rustproofing treatments whilst constantly perfecting their services and products to provide the ultimate protection. With this reputation acquired over many years we believe it’s the duty of DINITROL UK to ensure customers visiting a DINITROL Treatment Centre receive this same level of service by professionally trained rustproofing technicians.

Contact a DINITROL Treatment Centre today to book your vehicle inspection.

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