Direct Glazing Bonding & Sealing Range

The DINITROL direct glazing vehicle windscreen replacement product range is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) approved. With the comprehensive range of professional products receiving specialist awards and accreditation throughout mainland Europe. Our unique DINITROL 9100 one component applied polyurethane adhesive enables a 30 minute safe drive away once applied for customer convenience. If you're an auto windscreen replacement company see how the DINITROL direct glazing system and specialist products can benefit your glass fitting service.

Automotive windscreen replacement direct glazing with DINITROL OEM approved bonding and sealing products for auto glass replacement. Auto windshield repair products
DINITROL automotive windscreen replacement direct glazing humidty-curing one component polyurethane bonding product. Auto windshield replacement
OEM approved humidty-curing one component polyurethane bonding products ideal for the direct glazing of automotive glass.
DINITROL auto windscreen replacement and repair with OEM approved polyurethane direct glazing sealants used by auto Windshield repair centre
Our range includes OEM approved quick-drying and elastic polyurethane direct glazing sealants with good resistance and UV stability.
Pre treatment primer for auto windscreen replacement polyurethane direct-glazed automotive glass parts. Auto glass replacement product solutions
View our OEM approved pre-treatment primers for replacing polyurethane direct-glazed automotive glass parts.
Activators for direct glazing auto glass replacement provide great adhesion. For automotive glass replacement primer products
The OEM approved automotive direct glazing activators provide great adhesion when used in combination with DINITROL glass primer products.
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