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Energy Installations

Specialist corrosion protection treatment for energy installations including wind turbines & solar panels

With major investment by the UK Government and private energy companies in new greener renewable energy with wind farms and solar energy installations it’s vital that they are maintained and protected to ensure they are still producing energy for many years to come. Whilst being economically profitable with efficiently generating energy that’s supplied across the UK. However due to general public opposition in placing the installations in populated areas or places of natural beauty. Many wind turbine farms are erected in remote coastal areas with them enduring extremely harsh weather conditions of the open sea, with exposure of highly corrosive salt water spray being carried by the wind on a daily basis.

Wind farms & solar panel farms corrosion protection with DINITROL OEM approved coatings with anti-corrosion treatment plan  
Energy installations OEM approved specialist corrosion protection treatment for wind turbines farm & solar panels farm

Energy Installations corrosion protection for wind farms & solar panel farms

We have a number of suitable anti-corrosion coating DINITROL products in the range that are solvent free and biodegradable. By implementing a DINITROL anti-corrosion treatment plan you can greatly minimise the requirements of costly maintenance due to corrosion and deterioration. Our internal research and development department can work with your organisation and provide professional advice.

rust treatments for new greener renewable energy installations with wind farms and solar energy.Solvent free and biodegradable protective coatings
Wind turbines can quickly suffer from sea water corrosion. Minimise the requirements of costly maintenance due to corrosion and deterioration  

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