FAQ DINITROL product applications

Frequently asked questions & answers for automotive aftermarket and industrial sector

Please find below some answers to frequently asked questions on DINITROL product applications including: Rust treatments, corrosion protection, underbody chassis coatings, sealants and windscreen replacement adhesive solutions. However if you require assistance with DINITROL product applications please get in touch we can provide professional product information and advice. We can also supply DINITROL product MSDS material safety data sheets and TDS technical data sheets on request. DINITROL products are OEM approved and professional quality with many solutions being used on vehicle manufacturer automotive production lines and by vehicle aftermarket businesses. Our internal technical team can also provide professional advice on DINITROL product applications.

all products in the DINITROL are manufactured to the highest quality and are OEM (Original equipment manufacturer approved)
If you are the general public and would like to purchase DINITROL products online please visit our e-commerce shop: www.dinitroldirect.com or visit a local retail DINITROL stockist based in the UK via our Where to Buy search facility.
We are the sole appointed UK Imported hub for all DINITROL & Dekalin products in the United Kingdom on behalf of Dinol Gmbh
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The products are manufactured in Germany with the brand being established for around 70 years within the automotive aftermarket and industrial market
The current range includes solutions for bonding, sealing noise reduction, abrasion protection, corrosion prevention, other coatings and specialist application equipment.
DINITROL 9100 can provide a 30 minute windscreen replacement safe drive once applied for customer convenience.
We believe strongly in looking after our customers with ongoing support when using DINITROL products please click on the following resources: Technical Data Sheets, Product Video Tutorials, Marketing & Information guides
The treatment is applied to vehicles whilst in production, at import plants and in various aftermarket applications to provide corrosion protection.
Once applied to the surface it converts rust to a stable organic iron complex. The product provides an impermeable barrier against further corrosion occurring once dry on the surface.
The transparent engine protection wax is specially designed for engine compartments and provides heat resistance above 200°C.
DINITROL 81 is ideal for the protection of metal finished surfaces including steel whilst in storage or transit.
The primer is a pre-treatment product to be applied when replacing polyurethane direct-glazed automotive glass parts. The primers helps to promote adhesion between the glass and painted surface.
The products are used extensively on automotive product lines and in the automotive aftermarket. Many commercial vehicle operators also use our products including the railway industry.