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General Industry

Wide range of sealants, adhesives, bonding and corrosion protection application solutions for general industry including: off-shore, construction industry and product assembly sectors

We have product solutions for general industry applications. Our OEM approved professional corrosion protection, bonding and adhesive products are mainly used by vehicle manufacturers and within the automotive aftermarket sector. However they also have many useful applications within general industry including the modern construction industry and assembly sectors. The comprehensive corrosion protection range of DINITROL® products are used in the off-shore sector to solve complex problems caused by the harsh environment of open sea. Due to this reason the products are commonly used to provide a protective coating to marine and shipping equipment whilst also providing sound deadening properties that effectively reduce noise levels of any shipping vessel. Being OEM approved DINITROL corrosion protection products are salt resistant and are perfect for withstanding the harshest conditions of the open sea. The rust proofing and rust treatment products can also be applied in the construction of buildings including bridges, warehouses and wind turbines. The DINITROL Thixotropic rust preventive fluid forms a wax coating that remains soft with self healing qualities to repair areas that become damaged by for example stone chips or other debris.

Corrosion protection, rust convertor & rust treatment

DINITROL RC 900 is a unique rust convertor supplied in an aerosol and is ideal for many general industry applications, the organic chelat complex base and epoxy resin converts rust on substrates into a stable organic iron complex. Once applied to the surface it forms a strong adhesive film that creates a base suitable for paint and other corrosion protection products to be applied. We also sell a wide range of sealants and coatings industrial application equipment that have been designed to work with our OEM approved products in professional environments.

General industry including the construction industry sector use DINITROL sealants, adhesives, bonding, rust treatment and corrosion protection coatings
Off shore sector, rigs, boats use DINITROL rust treatment and corrosion protection. Production assembly with adhesives and sealants

General Industry Applications

Dinitrol products are commonly used across a wide range of industry sectors including: the ministry of defence, ships, railways, public transport, off shore rigs and the construction industry.

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