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Heavy Plant & Construction Machinery

Look after your construction vehicle fleet and heavy plant machinery with corrosion protection and rust treatment coatings

Purchasing heavy plant machinery and construction vehicles can be very expensive especially when they are being operated on a daily basis in often muddy conditions with surface ground water on new construction developments or waste land. By implementing an anti-corrosion scheduled maintenance plan with your construction vehicle fleet and plant machinery you can greatly reduce the effects of rusting and extend their working life. Also by applying protective coatings to your vehicle fleet it’s possible to achieve a better resale value when you are looking to update your operational fleet.

Construction Machinery & Construction industry vehicle corrosion protection with vehicle underbody chassis coatings, Construction Machinery DINITROL rust treatments and OEM approved rust convertors  
Construction industry vehicles anti corrosion protection with rust treatments and rust prevention coatings. DINITROL cavity waxes and rust convertors

Corrosion protection coatings & underbody chassis coatings for excavators, construction machinery and construction site heavy plant support vehicles

When working on new development sites that are usually very muddy with surface ground water. It’s vitally important that you protect the vehicle underbody from the highly corrosive effect of ground surface water contact, stone chips and general debris frequently hitting the construction vehicle chassis. By your fleet manager adopting a regular scheduled anti-corrosion protection plan and applying an underbody chassis coating rust preventive you will protect the construction vehicle. Within our extensive range of products we also sell construction vehicle rust convertors, cavity waxes and rust treatments to ensure your fleet remains fully operational. The coatings we provide can be applied with a basic underbody coating gun however we have many Treatment Centres across the UK who can apply the products professionally. Our sound deadening solutions are also proven to greatly reduce the noise in the cab of vehicles caused by road vibration. DINITROL® corrosion protection products are thoroughly tested in research & development laboratories and are OEM approved for piece of mind. DINITROL® corrosion protection products can also be applied to your vehicles in our many affiliated Treatment Centres across the UK.

Anti-corrosion protection and rust treatment for excavators, diggers, construction site vehicles and heavy plant machinery. Underbody chassis coating protection for Construction Machinery
DINITROL oem approved corrosion protection and rust prevention for construction vehicles, trucks, excavators and heavy plant machinery. UK treatment centres 

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