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How to prevent rust

How to prevent rust

With the UK increasingly experiencing harsher winters with more extreme weather conditions notably the ‘Beast from the East’ that has led to people becoming stranded due to snow drifts. We are often asked by concerned drivers how to prevent rust occurring on their vehicle. This recent exposure to extreme weather conditions within the country that has included freezing rain. Has seen a significant increase in rock salt with some councils reporting that they have recently used up-to 160 tonnes to clear roads and pathways. Whilst this proactive approach is welcomed by the motorist many people fail to recognise the danger with salt and water reacting causing corrosion damage to their vehicles. Also many drivers who own new cars falsely assume the threat of rust is only a problem for owners of older vehicles. Unlike our Scandinavian neighbours who frequently experience harsh winters, they are aware that the corrosion protection underbody chassis coating applied by many automotive vehicle manufacturers is inadequate for the conditions. Their solution in Nordic countries on how to prevent rust is by visiting a local vehicle rustproofing treatment centre every year to have the chassis area protected with an underseal coating.

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Tips on how to prevent rust with your car

Our biggest tip on how to prevent rust is make sure you visit a DINITROL rustproofing treatment centre yearly even if the car or 4×4 SUV vehicle is brand new. Stone chippings hitting the vehicle can quickly damage the underbody chassis coating leaving bare metal exposed. When water and rock salt on the roads due to gritters come into contact with bare metal a chemical reaction occurs called oxidation that creates the visible orange ochre ‘rust’ on the surface. Due to this reason it’s essential your chassis is inspected and re-coated with a suitable underbody chassis coating so no bare metal remains exposed. Also owners of 4×4 off road SUV vehicles should not be led into a false sense of security due to having higher ground clearance.

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Additional advice on how to prevent rust with your vehicle.

Along with having your vehicle inspected every year at a local DINITROL Treatment Centre we recommend you follow our additional advice on how to prevent rust. Even though the weather can be damp, wet and cold during the winter months ideally you need to wash your car at least once a month to remove any salt that can sometimes become present in crevices and join areas around the doors and wheel arches for example. Another essential task on how to prevent rust becoming present is to regularly also check the vehicle paintwork for any damage caused by stone chippings leaving bare metal exposed. If found you should immediately seek the services of a vehicle smart repairer or purchase a scratch repair touch up paint product for a D.I.Y. repair if working within a budget.

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How to prevent rust ruining and devaluing your vehicle resale price

Whether your car is new or old it will be subjected to repeated damage with small road debris usually small stones and pebbles frequently hitting the vehicle, damaging the protective paint coating level exposing unprotected bare metal underneath. If you want to protect your vehicle from corrosion damage and gain a good resale trade in price. You are probably interested in how to prevent rust but are unsure on what parts of the car should be regularly checked. In addition to the vehicle chassis underbody area you can also conduct some checks yourself by inspecting around the wheel arches and also the front of the car that incurs frequent collisions with flying stones when travelling behind vehicles. After reading this feature if you are genuinely concerned on how to prevent rust ruining your vehicle. We recommend visiting a DINITROL Treatment Centre for a professional inspection or purchasing OEM approved professional vehicle rustproofing treatment products available for sale on this website.

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